2019 - 2020 Winter Season Schedule Announcements

[NOVEMBER] TAI CHI IN LA CRUZ – Tue/Thu, 9:00-10:00AM @ Octopus's Garden

[NOVEMBER] TAI CHI IN BUCERÍAS – Mon/Wed, 10:15-11:15AM @ Dharma Yoga Bucerías


Tai Chi, Qigong, & The Taoist Life Nourishing Arts

There are hundreds of health modalities being introduced in the west, but the traditional Chinese Daoist (Taoist) Life Nourishing Arts are a unique combination of self-healing & wellness preservation skills which has shown results for over two millennia. Practiced by recluses in the mountains, monks & nuns in temples, and the priests & shamans serving their communities, the practice has had elements shared, but never offered in a holistic and non-religious setting in the west until now.

Rebuilding the body from the inside, outward, these Life Nourishing Arts offer clear paths to better health and an improved sense of wellness. Founded upon a combination of movement therapy, coordination development exercises, breathing skills, and meditation practices, the Taoist Life Nourishing Arts offer easily accessible results both in a group training environment (similar to a group yoga class experience) or private individualized therapy sessions.

Teacher Xia performing the Life Nourishing Tai Chi Routine in Puerto Vallarta:

Tai Chi Nayarit is part of a wide international network of partner schools headed by Teacher & Daoist Xia Chongyi. Schools include the Wudang Swordsmen Academies, Wudang NYC, Wudang GDL, Kung Fu Nayarit & Tai Chi / Kung Fu Vallarta. These schools and those of his students are members of a wider international martial arts & Taoist community as well.

A unique & unparalleled approach to Tai Chi

Join us at Tai Chi Nayarit (& Tai Chi Vallarta) classes for our one-of-a-kind approach to this classical movement art. With classes to focus on a variety of goals and benefits, we offer a traditional art in a new light. In our method, results are nearly instant, with a clear grasp on what benefits one can reach, right away.

Traditional Tai Chi, from the Taoist Temples in the Great Harmony Mountains of China.

The art of Taijiquan–or Tai Chi in the west–has been represented in a vast array of methods and presentations. As an art form passed down in the Daoist temples for ~600 years, each time it's been shared outwardly, another style or variation we see today has been created.

But as the art has been passed down in the Taoist's closed community, the art has grown to encompass more and more refinements for how it helps to heal, preserve, and nourishing the human body, energy, mind, & spirit. Being shared for the first times in the west, Daoist Xia offers a truly comprehensive approach to one of the most powerful healing and cultivation arts still in practice today.

Tai Chi with Xia

This tai chi method will be different from any other approach you may have experienced in your previous tai chi groups. Using a cohesive and refined method of coordination development, breath works skills, body alignment awareness, and inward looking, this method of tai chi has proven results for a wide array of health issues.

Teacher Xia's tai chi students have shown noticable results in healing/improving:

  • Knees, back, shoulder, neck, & other joint ailments utilizing taiji walking and silk-weaving methods.
  • Low energy, fatigue, low blood pressure, and other heart related issues by utilizing constant smooth and flowing full body movement.
  • Depression, mood swings, emotional hardship, and other quality of life limitations find tranquility by making meditation more readily accessible, having a social community with group activities, and applying taiji principles to life outlook.
  • Coordination, balance, vertigo, and other mind-body awareness skills are heightened and improved through body alignment exercises, core strengthening practices, and balancing/walking drills.

In addition to the direct benefits, those interested in dedicating their time into the art of Taijiquan will find it to be a fulfilling journey of infinite self-discovery and self-refinement. The full practice is not only a physical movement skill, but a philosophy, martial art, self-defense method, and a whole new outlook on life.

There is no end to one's tai chi journey!


Cultivating life and wellness for a long and healthy life.

Qigong is a complicated term that is grown in popularity in the west. In traditional times, the term qigong was associated with magical feats and immortality, while today, qigong often times refers to any practice which includes coordinating movement, breath, and the movement of intention in a unique combinations for direct effects.

This practice known as the Life Nourishing Arts, is one of China's most treasured tools for a wide variety of healing and wellness secrets. Our LNA programs focus on a variety of benefits for everyone, along with personalized regiments for an individual's needs and barriers to overcome.

The Life Nourishing Arts are made up of many components, but a few of the core aspects that students will be able to instantly find benefit in, include:

  • SELF-MASSAGE – The basics of this practice allow the body to avoid the build up of stress, stiffness, soreness, and maintains muscle function & strength.
  • BALANCING THE BODY – Both inward & outward practices allow for increased internal alignment and equilibrium in the body and mind.
  • JOINT WARMING – Joint healing, strengthening, and range of movement restoring.
  • BENDING & SQUATTING – The secrets to Chinese longevity, fall prevention, and prevention of deteriorating health in senior years
  • SPINEWORK – Repair & restore spine health and strength. Prevention is key, but the skill also rebalances and heals many spine issues.
  • DIRECTIONAL BREATHING – Get a fuller, healthier breath for increased cardiovascular health and better energy throughout activities and stress. Reduces anxiety in daily life.
  • QIGONG – Mind-body-breath coordination techniques for many digestive, body mechanic issues, physical therapy, & cardiovascular health.
  • DIRECTING INTENTION – One of the primary components to understanding the self, the practice of Daoyin refers to both creating muscle memory, as well as healing and restoring the body with amazing results.
  • MEDITATION – The cornerstone to mental, emotional, energetic, and physical health. But Daoist meditation is not just sitting and staring. It is the process of moving the meditative state into daily life and our every living moment.
  • MINDFULNESS – Being mindful both of the self and of others is a key to keeping good feng shui in life. Mindfulness of effort, mindfulness of movement; mindfulness of thought. These practices connect one to the body, and to the appreciation of our opportunities.
  • SENSITIVITY AWARENESS – Nerve damage, emotional tension, & join stress can cause endless negative side effects throughout the body & life. But sensitivity to these physical & emotional micro-changes can lead one to make health minded adjustments and changes before attrition sets in.
  • TAOIST YOGA – More of a complete practice than a single Life Nourishing Art, this practice combines many aspects of yoga, Daoist internal alchemy, the life nourishing arts, & meditation into a life-changing regiment for daily cultiation.
Life Nourishing Arts with Xia, in Guadalajara, 2015
Take back your health and begin Nourishing Life!



夏 崇 义


Inducted into Wudang's Dragon Gate Daoist Sect in 2010 as a 26th generation Daoist Priest, Michael Xia Chongyi has dedicated the past decade to teaching the Daoist arts, and the previous two decades before that in dedication to the cultivating & training of the martial arts and internal skills. Xia is known in the martial arts communities as a "teacher of teachers" as he travels the world offering workshops and seminars to mostly instructors and masters of a variety of styles.

Xia is also a published author in the Daoist swordsmanship methods.

Xia, at his induction with his master & grandmaster.

With a formal education in Chinese & East Asian Religious Studies, Teacher Xia offers both the scholarly minded point of view, and that of the monks & nuns in China with whom Xia trained side by side with in his pilgrimages to the Sacred Wudang Mountains in past years. Xia is unique in that his exposure to these arts is not from the mainstream martial arts community as most westerners are exposed to. But because of his discipleship under his Master (Daoist Priest Zhou Xuan Yun), Xia's experience is instead in the closed door arts shared in the Daoist community directly.

Xia is recognized in 3 Daoist lineages, 4 martial arts federations, & is an acknowledged grand-teacher in martial art schools across in 5 countries. Xia is a recognized instructor in Wudang Taijiquan, Taiyiquan, Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, Swordsmanship, & the internal longevity arts.

Xia is here to offer these skills & practices to Nayarit, Mexico, after visiting in the past and living in Guadalajara for a few years. Xia works hard to offer programs catered to both the English speaking community, and the Spanish-language communities whenever possible.

Xia, featured in Revista Hoy Sí Magazine of Puerto Vallarta, 2017.

Xia has offered healing to a wide variety of donors and those suffering from serious ailments. From Vietnam veterans suffering from joint pain & muscle stiffness from Agent Orange poisoning, to young fitness professionals looking to grasp a deeper level to their own art by supplementing with the skills one can cultivate through these arts.

Xia has also worked with cancer treatment, the recovery process, life-threatening illness, terminal diseases, and those dealing with permanent disabilities. Losing a limb, motor function, or losing a physical skill you used to have is a difficult process to go through. But with some patience and hard work, Xia will do his best in offering you the highest quality of wellness available.

Those dealing with personal hardships, emotional struggles, personal life issues, chemical or situational emotional imbalances, depression, addiction, or a loss of meaning or direction are encouraged to join our community, take part in our events, and when comfortable, open up discussions or seek help through our therapies and one-on-one private sessions. Xia has worked-hard to build a community of acceptance, non-judgement, open-mindedness, and a sense of benevolence and compassion. It is his hope this continues here in Nayarit, as well.



A 1-month course for Nov 2019 - Mar 2020.

Join us for our one-month introductory Tai Chi wellness course (Life Nourishing Tai Chi, Level I), focusing on longevity and personal healing. This course is excellent for all levels and experiences, including beginners, seasoned tai chi veterans, & adults of all ages.

In this one month course, we will focus on students self-practice, as we work together on all the building blocks one needs to have a truly beneficial tai chi experience. With bi-weekly practice, everyone will begin feeling the positive impact tai chi can make in their lives within the first few classes. With a month, you will be sure to retain the benefits, and be able to take them further into life, indefinitely.

Our program will focus on the building blocks of mind-body-effort unity, full body coordination, breathing & meditation skills, mindfulness with relaxation and tension reduction practices, and body alignment awareness development. With this small tool box of techniques, you will have limitless room for growth and personal development.

Xia teaching Taijiquan in Guadalajara, 2015

The benefits of tai chi are incredible, but one must maintain the practice or risk losing their progress. If you wish to refine the benefits offered in this program are welcome to join us for the same course the following month to continue. Once comfortable with this program, you are also welcome to join the Life Nourishing Tai Chi on-going program. Those that wish to continue their training with the traditional martial practice are encouraged to move into our TAIJIQUAN LEVEL I groups, upon completion of this course.

Pre-register online or at the hosting venue to reserve your spot!



Mondays & Wednesdays at 10:15 - 11:15 AM in Bucerías, Nayarit.

Joins us at Dharma Yoga Bucerías for classes Monday & Wednesday mornings at 10:315 - 11:15 AM for our Introducing Tai Chi (Life Nourishing Tai Chi, Level I) one-month courses. Class fee is 1200$ MXN peso or wired; or $69 USD online. New students are welcome to join during the first week of each month.


Tuesdays & Thursdays at 9:00 - 10:00 AM in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nayarit.

Joins us at Octopus's Garden for classes Tuesday & Thursday morning at 9:00 - 10:00 AM for our Introducing Tai Chi (Life Nourishing Tai Chi, Level I) one-month courses. Class fee is 1200$ MXN pesos cash or wired; or $69 USD online. New students are welcome to join during the first week of each month.


Teacher Xia performing Taiji Sword in Orlando, 2010
A one-month course for November 2018

The traditional practice of taijiquan is a Daoist martial art which combines both the internal health & wellness practice of the Daoist Life Arts with the most intrinsic principles of physics, kinesiology, and Chinese martial arts. Developed deep in the Great Harmony Mountains of Wudang, China, this art has since spread in the west in various forms and incarnations.

Presented here, Teacher Xia Chongyi (of Tai Chi Nayarit, Wudang NYC, & the Wudang Swordsmen Academies) offers an authentic and classical experience for those interested in the complete art of tai chi, outside of the more accessible wellness programs. Much like Yoga can be practiced on many levels, those looking to develop the martial components, body fitness methods, and the longevity practices will find this class the most compelling of all of our Tai Chi classes.

This class will focus on the combined core material as our Life Nourishing Tai Chi, & Fitness Tai Chi, Tai Chi Self-Defense, & Pushing Hands courses, while also providing an in-depth study of classical Chinese Daoism & culture.

Pre-register online or at the hosting venue to reserve your spot!




A one-month course for November 2018

Daoist health practices are founded on centuries of internal alchemy and longevity cultivation techniques. But beyond tai chi & qigong, little is understood about how Daoist life cultivation techniques manifest results or are transmittable to people with regular day-to-day lives. But through the understanding of modern sciences and studies of the human mind, body, and life systems, we can better understand the benefits of each practice, and work to offer a more complete healing modality, moving forward.

Offered in this class is a rare opportunity to participate in an ongoing Taoist inner cultivation practice, focused on meditation, building the three treasures, and having sustainable wellness & joint health into the senior years. This program blends meditation with stretching, stillness, movement, self-massage, breath work, daoyin, & more elements of neigong & neidan practices to have a balanced personal training routine for the rest of one's life.

This class is available to adults of all ages, but you must be comfortable with sitting on the floor (pillows encouraged).

Xia at the Garden of the Gods, Colorado, 2014.

Pre-register online or at the hosting venue to reserve your spot!





In addition to teaching tai chi, life nourishing practices, & martial arts, Teacher Xia is also available for individualized training, and therapy sessions. With a perspective coming from classical Daoist training, and offering a wide array of self-healing methods for physical, energetic, and emotional/personal disturbances, Xia offers his time to those in need, and those curious of alternative means of dealing with a wide array of ailments.

From knees, backs, and necks, to emotional struggles and self-sabotage habits, Xia offers his expertise in hopes of providing a path to self-healing and self-development. Utilizing the Daoist classics, Daoist medicine, and the internal healing arts, Xia welcomes all with life-limiting setbacks to contact us at Tai Chi Nayarit, and we will help you schedule your consultations.

  • Initial in person 45-minute consultation – 500$ MXN
  • 1-Hour Physical therapy session – 1000$ MXN
  • 1-Hour Emotional/Energetic therapy session – 1,500$ MXN
  • Multiple session discounts available after consultation.

All scheduling & financial handlings are tended to outside of session times, and we guarantee each session will offer practices or advise for individual progress, or the session is free.





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