The Good Life Tour of The Harn Museum of Art by Adlren Collins

Ceramics of the World

Medium of the Art/Techniques of the Artist: This art installation was one of the very first works that stood out to me. There was a plethora of ceramics set-up to display different ceramics from different parts of the world. I appreciated this specifically because it showed differences in cultures, techniques, ways art can be created and different mediums used in different areas. Also, ceramics have been used throughout the world for centuries, for many reasons. For example, Ancient Egypt used clay pots to supply items for people in the after life and ceramics are still used today for a multitude of reasons. This exhibit in The Harn truly showed me how all of humanity can be connected and how ancient times are still connected to the modern day.

Paintings in the Latin American area of The Harn

Design of the Museum: The design of The Harn is quite interesting. I definitely noticed that different areas of the globe were displayed through the art exhibits. I personally enjoyed the Latin American section of The Harn because I am majoring in International Studies with a focus in Latin America. I thought that many of the colorful and festive pieces in this section accurately portrayed culture of that particular region of the world.

Frida Khalo exhibits

Art and Core Values: In the Frida Khalo exhibit there were three photographs that represented Frida herself. She and I share many similarities. We both enjoy animals and art and even shared many of the same hobbies. I enjoy painting and photography and these are two areas where Frida excelled in her artistic career. She was viewed as a trailblazer and I aspire to impact the world similarly to how she did. This artwork instills a nostalgic feeling in me because these particular images remind me of my animals and some of my past exotic pets.

A painting of the St Johns River

Art and the Good Life: In my last picture I am seen with a painting of the St Johns River. I was raised very close to the St Johns River and spent many weekends boating on it with my family. I believe that finding the good life in art is a very unique experience for every individual. How you interpret art is shaped around your life experiences and the life that you have lived. Therefore, how I interpret a piece will most likely be different to my friend's interpretation. Particularly, the theme I saw in this piece was simply remembering my childhood. I appreciate that an artist can capture the same essence that I saw on the river as a child.

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