Human Rights in Syria By: Haileigh house

Violence continues in Syria with variety of abuse, kidnaps, murders, and terror. ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and Jabhat al-Nusra have been held responsible for these widespread attacks. Due to all the violence Syria's their death toll is over 250,000. The government has been dropping barrel bombs on civilian areas attempting to draw out the rebels, causing deaths of innocent adults and children. Over 450 sites were found damaged from the barrel bomb detonations, and has killed over 6,000 people. Aircrafts will drop these bombs on schools, markets, hospitals, and the most populated areas.
In my opinion what's going on is very tragic. Thousands of innocent people and children are trapped in a country that's basically destroying it's self with little chance to get away or survive. Going to the hospital when their is a injury is even dangerous because barrel bombs get dropped there. To me, I would hate to be in fear in my home, which is Syrians go through.
A huge issue in Syria is the amount of people who are being enforced to disappear. Which means they are abducted by the government and put in jail or beat until they support or admit what they are forced to. ISIS has been at attacking monitoring groups, committing unlawful murders, and kidnaping abuse. Theses sieges are enforced and controlled by President Bashar al-Assad.

My biggest question is how did the Syrian Government get so out of control, and why take it to this extreme? Power should never be worth thousands of peoples life especially not a child who never had a chance. I can't see any outcome from this violence being a good thing, their President Bashar al-Assad needs to be stopped.

The United States isn't doing anything for Syria as of right now. President Obama had made attempts during the presidency to try to make President Bashar al-Assad resign, but all failed. As of right now we Aren't involved in the war and I believe it should stay that way. The problems of another country should be dealt with themselves not by the .United States. Instead of causing trouble for our home that we don't need, how about just let Syria ruin itself.

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