The Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art Justine henry

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

Yayoi Kusama Nets-Infinity (TWOS) 2004 Acrylic on canvas 28 ⅝ × 35 13/16 in. (72.7 × 91 cm) Museum purchase, funds provided by the David A. Cofrin Acquisition Endowment and friends of the Harn Museum 2006.40

Yayoi Kusama is know for his very detailed intamint works. As a sufferer from schizoaffective disorder she used small covering kind of circle pattern to show the public the world she lives in every day. The important piece to Nets Infinity (two) is that each white dot is actually paint with a hollow circle of read. If you do not view this work in person it is easy to assume that the painting is just white poke-a-dots on a red canvas. The piece communicates the tiredness that the artist feeling from the difficult endeavor that is living with a mental illness. The work is busy and there forward invokes a sense of immediacy followed by a flood of tired

Design of the Museum

S.F.I. Exhibition Hall in Honor of Avery Myles, Harn Museum. Gainesville, FL. USA

The most enjoyable room of the museum is the S.F.I. Exhibition Hall in Honor of Avery Myles. The space is designed like a traditional white cube gallery space and as a traditional fine artist it is also the set up I am most attracted to. The wide floor plan gives way to an easily navigable space with the particular collection installed all around the outer walls. The Gallery is clean and professional, which elevates some of the work in the current show Intra-Action: Women Artists from the Harn Collection that would be considered craft into high brow art.

Art and Core Values

Guerrilla Girls, Do Women Have to be Naked to Get Into the Met Museum? Update, 2012, Print, Museum Purchase, funds provided by the Caroline Julier and James G. Richardson Acquisition Endowment

As I am in my last year of my fine arts degree I think everyday about the day I will be curating my own shows and leaving my intellectual mark on art history. The Guerilla Girls graphic work/ activism about feminism in the context of art history is absolutely something that fits within my core values. I consider myself a strong feminist woman and much of my person art work deals with the idea of gender equality in the art world. This 2012 laser print where the women from the classical painting Olymipia's head is replaced with a gorilla head. This symbolizes the radical feminist group of art activists the "Guerrila girls". This group uses art to actively fight against sexism in the art world and used this graphic campagin to challenge "who" and "what" gets to be shown in places like The MET.

Art and the Good Life

Justine Kurland Sheep Wanglers, 2001, Satin Finish UV laminated C-Print

Sheep Wranglers is a color C-print photography of the English country side. Young women are depicted laying carefree among flocks of sheep and other women. The artist communicates a sense of light and carefree attitudes while the women lounge in the grass and giggle with their friends. There is no anger, or violence, or competition, just existence. This is the ultimate good life.For the last 3 years before moving to Gainesville to attend the University of Florida, I had been also living in pastures creating art. In between the rolling fields of Co. Clair, Ireland and the vallies of Asheville, North Carolina i found that the good life is the act of making and existing one with nature. The themes depicted in this work illustrate a simple warm life as modeled by the original Greek epicureans. That to be in nature with only what and whom you love is the greatest good.

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