Women Activists Women and African American activists

National Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA)


  • founded by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton
  • Fought for women’s suffrage
  • Wyoming (1869): first state to give women full suffrage
  • 1900- some states allowed women to vote in local elections; some allowed women to own/control property after marriage

Susan B. Anthony

  • 1853- organized/became president of Women’s New York State Temperance Society
  • Voted in election of 1872 illegally

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

  • Prominent role in organizing the Seneca Falls Convention and writing the Declaration of Sentiments
  • Both of these focused on attaining women’s suffrage
  • Wrote about suffrage in co-published The Revolution, a feminist newspaper that she participated in with Susan B. Anthony
  • Traveled all over the country writing and speaking publicly about suffrage for women
Billion Dollar Congress
  • Congress passed a bill to protect voting rights of African Americans
  • the bill was defeated in Senate

Ida B. Wells

  • Editor of Memphis Free Speech
  • campaigned against lynching and Jim Crow laws

Booker T. Washington

  • Former slave who said African Americans should get educated and join the workforce and be use force and then segregation will end on its own
  • Founded school for educating teachers called Tuskegee Institute
  • Helped form the National Negro Business League
  • Dedicated to the idea of training and education African Americans on how to be successful in America and integrate themselves into society

Florence Kelly

  • formed the National Consumers’ League in 1898 to pressure stores to pay female clerks better
  • worked for protective legislation regulating the hours and conditions for women and children

Lillian Wald

  • created the Women’s Trade Union League to help women organize their own labor unions to bargain for better working conditions and increased wages
Women were shut out of other unions like American Federation of Labor (AFL) due to the leaders thinking that women were taking men’s jobs

W. E. B. Dubois

  • Founder of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
  • Disagreed with Booker T. Washington, due to Du Bois’ scocialist and Marxist beliefs
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