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Hello from Donna...

Wow - where has 2018 gone?

It seems just like yesterday that I was looking forward to beginning a new journey with UTB and here we are now almost at the of the first year!

There's not nearly enough space here to describe just what an awesome year it has been - I have learned so much, in so many ways, from so many different people and travelled to places I never thought I would go.

The UTB team is a team of passionate, dedicated and truly inspirational people - I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be able to work alongside them.

If any of you are considering a change of direction for 2019 I urge you do it.

Stepping outside the known can be daunting but the rewards can be huge!

Go for it!

Merry Christmas everyone - from our team to yours - we hope you have a fabulous Christmas and a wonderful time with your families.

We'll be back in 2019 with more tips, tools, things to make you think and informative blogs - enjoy the last newsletter for 2018.

tip of the week

Get speedy in Google Chrome

Want to get a bit more efficient in the new year? Here's something to get you started! These Chrome keyboard shortcuts can save you clicks and make navigation heaps easier.

(Note: Mac users need to replace 'Ctrl' with 'Cmd').

Ctrl-T to open a new tab

Ctrl-Shift-T to reopen closed tabs (up to 10)

Ctrl-Tab move forward between tabs

Ctrl-Shift-Tab move back between tabs

Ctrl-W to close a tab

Ctrl+X to jump to a specific tab - e.g. Ctrl+2 will take you to the second open tab. (Up to 9 - Ctrl-9 will take you to end if more than 9 tabs open)

Alt-D puts cursor in the Omnibox (address bar)

Ctrl-D to bookmark the current page

Ctrl-R to refresh the current page

Ctrl+ and Ctrl- to zoom in and out (also in the three dots menu)


STEAM activities for the holidays!

With the Christmas break coming up - and if you're in the Southern Hemisphere that means the longest break of the school year - it's always a good time to remind students and their families that the learning doesn't have to stop.

We've often said Twitter is one of the best forms of a PLN and that's where we came across this gem. (Thanks @dailystem)

77 STEM activities for families.

Share it with your community before school finishes and maybe even challenge them to add to the list.

Keep the learning going and keep the fun happening!

Happy holidays 🎄

blog posts you may have missed

Check out the practical, helpful tips in our blogs below.

Something you want us to blog about? Make a request here or check out our website to see all our posts.

Improve your Design Skills in Google - All teachers are designers. By mastering a few simple techniques, you can be sure the resources that you create and use engage all students. This is not just about making things look good, as effective design can make information more accessible and easier to navigate. - By Tim Thatcher

Hour of Code - Brilliant resource for you and your students Coding is a great way for your students to put computational thinking into action. The Hour of Code resources are an exceptional place to explore and be guided through some coding activities. Awesome for teachers who may be feeling uncertain and great for students to get stuck into some cool coding challenges as the tutorials are clear and easy to follow. - By Lara Kirk

Photo Gallery by Awesome Table - Photos are a great way to capture evidence of the activities and the learning that happen within a classroom. Sharing those photos can sometimes be frustrating though- but not with the Photo Gallery by Awesome Table add-on for Google Sheets. Read on to see how easy it can be to embed a folder of folders into your Google Site with this awesome tool. - By Donna Golightly

Flashback to 2000: Classroom Tech That Doesn’t Exist Anymore

As the year comes to a close it can be fun to take look back at what used to be.

We were having a conversation just the other day about the when we first began teaching - before the days of photocopiers - and gestetner machines were the only way to make multiple copies of a task. For those young ones amongst us, google it 😀 - purple fingers and inhaling fumes were just part of the fun!

Here's an article that may evoke some fond memories for some of you.

What do you think might be the next thing to make a list like this one?

tOOL of the week...

Text Blaze - an extension to save time.

I was trying to find an extension with a Christmas theme, however, during my searching I had to reply to a couple of emails and that's when I thought of showing you this.

Text Blaze is an extension that allows you to use keyboard shortcuts to insert snippets of text in any G Suite app by using a keyboard shortcut. I use this a lot in emails where there are phrases I repeat. You could also use in docs when giving feedback for students, kind of like the comment bank in Google Classroom.


Professional Development in your pyjamas, with your coffee, in the comfort of your own home!

We are continuously working to expand on the professional development we can offer to teachers and corporate clients online.

Get access to some incredible resources, courses and our online community.

Check out some of the options below!

upcoming events

With the end of 2018 fast approaching we are starting to get our calendars filled with training and events for 2019 - watch this space.

If you'd like to request a workshop or support in your area please get in touch by clicking the button below. Host schools get a free attendee. :)

2019 - Victoria, Queenstown and Alexandra

These boot camps are fast paced, 2 day courses that cover a wide range of G Suite tools and how to use them in the classroom. You will also sit the 3 hour Google Certified Educator exam, where you will demonstrate your knowledge with multiple choice and practical scenario questions.

We've seen an increase in demand for our Google Certified Educator boot camps at both Level 1 and 2. This is great, as we think our two day courses have a lot to offer for everyone working with G Suite. There's several locations to choose from below. If you'd like to host one at your school, as always, feel free to get in touch!

GCE Bootcamps - Click on one of the locations listed below to find out more!

Alexandra - Level 1 - February 2019

Geelong, Victoria - Level 1 - Feb/March 2019

Queenstown - Level 2 - March 2019

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