The three images on the glide show represent different athletes competing in different collegiate sports. Athletes dedicate their time and body to their given university and the NCAA.

Athletes compete on a daily basis and represent their university with pride. Without collegiate athletes, universities and the NCAA would struggle greatly.

Although college athletes currently receive no pay, for their time and effort they deserve to be rewarded for their hard work.

Without the constant dedication from collegiate athletes, the NCAA would not be a functioning organization, for this, college athletes need to be paid.


Created with images by Greyerbaby - "kids football games tackle" • albertstraub - "Maggie Straub Swimming" • Fort Rucker - "Back-to-back wins for AER golf champs" • skeeze - "baseball player shortstop infield" • morzaszum - "spot runs start" • skeeze - "football runner fight" • Phil_Heck - "IMG_3838" • gajowy - "Tauron MKS Dabrowa Gornicza vs Atom Trefl Sopot playoff 04.03.2012" • Larry Ziffle - "IMG_9584" • Larry Ziffle - "IMG_9812"

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