Keeping Up With the Community What went down in the 11.17.2018 Community Meeting

Words of the Wise

The community meeting kicked off with Executive Director Ken Montgomery talking about how the impact of the Design Thinking work we do inspires people all around the world. When describing his trip to Singapore for Edu Tech Asia, Montgomery explained: “the work that you’re doing daily is inspiring people literally around the world, because of the hope that we will be solving problems and the hope that we will be changing the way people see each other through design thinking.”

Montgomery also reiterated our mission statement:“We believe that world can be a better place, and we can be the ones to make it happen” en route to announcing those who were making the world a better place through going above and beyond in their daily lives.


Empathy Warrior - Genevieve Crouch, for helping staff unprompted make the necessary transitions around the school before and during intersession.

Self Directed Superstar - Charlie Gates, for coming into Freshman year staying on top of all of his work on his own.

Intersession Project Highlight - Homelessness

Sammy Abouata, Riana Patel, Dahlia Flores showcased the artwork they made over intersession: A tent that looked dirty and unkempt on the outside, but on the inside had stories, facts, statistics about Veterans and other homeless people in the Bay Area, as well as different ways people can help. “They’re just people like us, they’re equal, this can happen to really anyone,” Patel says. “It takes a second for you to lose your job, lose your house, especially because of the Bay Area Housing Crisis.”

Student Rep Announcement

Student Representative Thomas Weese announced that the Student Advisory Council will continue to meet weekly to help solve any issues that d.tech has. “What we need to remember is that problems at d.tech never really go away,” Weese says.

Hallway Mural: Koi to Dragon

A mural was painted during intersession on the wall near the Dragon Loop, and represents the Japanese tale of the journey a Koi Fish took to become a Dragon. Michael McCulloch and Catherine Tang would like to thank everyone who went out of their way to contribute on the project.

Senior Night

Sophomore Rikako Ono announces that Senior Night for the Volleyball season is on October 23rd, at the Oracle Gym, at 6pm. Make sure you show up to support the team and the seniors playing their last game!

Community Meeting Spirit Pop Up - Pumpkin Artists

The community meeting closed out with a pumpkin decorating contest, featuring members from each grade who each had a couple of minutes to draw a design on their own pumpkins.

After a few minutes of furious scribbling, it was time to cast a vote. Students at the community meeting cheered for their favorite contestant, with the two loudest responses elicited from junior Carter Bui and senior Sean James-Hickey's pumpkins.

Juniors vocalize their support for Carter Bui's pumpkin, making known who they think is the winner.

We have a winner!

But it was James-Hickey, amidst roaring support from the senior crowd, who was the declared victor. Both Bui and James-Hickey's pumpkins are prominently displayed in the Atrium.

That is it for this week's community meeting, but stay tuned for next week! In case you miss anything, or want a reminder of what happened during the even, check back here to get an every week recap of community meetings here at d.tech.


Written by Hezekiah Smithstein Photos by Vlad Morozov

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