Lewis And Clark Expedition By: Connor schumann

Sacagawea was the only woman in the expedition that consisted of 32 people. Also she had great knowledge of what stuff was edible and what was poisonous.
Thomas Jefferson was the man who told lewis and clark to start the expedition.
The Nez Perce tribe helped out Lewis and Clark by giving them food on their way when they were close to starving.
One way Lewis and Clark helped in the expedition was they were the ones who were told to do the expedition. Also they were talented in wilderness skills.
During the expedition they found many new species such as coyotes.
Also they discovered grizzle bears that were chasing them and threatening to them.
Another species they discovered was mountain goats.
One item Lewis and clark took on the expedition was a boat. This helped them by helping them go across the rivers they came across.
Another thing they brought with them was four horses to help them along the way.
Another thing that they brought along on the expedition was whiskey for them to drink.
One hardship they faced was along the missouri river they faced severe sunburns and blisters rowing their boat. Also they dealt with many mosquito bites.
Another hardship they faced was starvation. Also they Dealt with tough winters.

Some things that Lewis and Clark accomplished during expedition was growing in population by making friends with some of the indian groups willing to trade. Also they gained knowledge of the west. And lastly they found a water route across the western territory

Sites i used: http:/prezi/iws-uakokrtr/the-top-6-achievements-of-lewis-and-clark/ And the google classroom readings.

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