Zimbabwe homeless peoples' federation: COVID-19 PHASE II LOCKDOWN DIARIES Stories by Zimbabwe Young Peoples' Federation

Demolitions of informal housing structures continue in cities.

The local authorities in Zimbabwe have continued with demolitions in settlements such as Epworth, Budiriro, Glenview and Hatcliff. People have been left homeless during this COVID-19 period. Many families have been left stranded and homeless as their housing structures have been destroyed.

The Market Place - Mbare Musika, haRARE.

Farmers selling their products during lock-down period (Zimbabwe- DOS)
Mbare Musika (Farmers market) IS A PLACE WHERE FARMERS BRING FARM PRODUCE FOR TRADING IN Harare. Farmers during the second phase of lock-down in Zimbabwe, started trading as they had been granted PERMISSION by the government of Zimbabwe. Mbare market place is operating with majority of the population not observing physical distance. some people do not have or wearing face masks. life in mbare is normal as most people live hand to mouth. poverty and stress has made people to move out of their homes in search of food and money to survive.

Police patrols around the city centres monitoring compliance.

Zimbabwe Republic Police is monitoring compliance by citizens on wear of face maskS and travelling documents. People not complying are being arrested and fined ZWL 500.00. Road blocks are still all over the city entrance points checking required documents for citizens to do business in the city centre.

Maintaining PHYSICAL distancing

People at a local shopping centre are trying to maintain physical distance. Some people have no face masks and this pauses great risk to the community members as they might contact and spread COVID-19.
Young people under the Safe and Inclusive Cities project distributing COVID-19 Response material.

Young people responding to covid-19 in communities.

Young people distributing buckets and soap for hand washing to community residents in Mbare.
a man relaxing at his home in one of the informal settlements during the lockdown period

Headline on the public transport changes

The public transport is being affected greatly as the informal transport operators have been banned from operation
how are people in slum communities surviving the covid-19?

Hatcliffe Shopping centre trading activities.

People trading and exchanging money at shopping centre in Hatcliffe.
People in hatcliff have faced demolition of their market places at Muzimba area. People have made temporary table to sell their products at the same area. This an area where vendors and the community at large survive. Physical distancing is not being observed. Some people are selling basic commodities from lorries.
Groceries being sold from a lorry in Hatcliff.