Should abortions be legal? Mary hargett

Imagine being 16, still in high school, having to work a side job to help pay for your family's expeensives. Living a life shadowed by poverty, devastation, and emptiness. Imagine an innocent girl, scared, powerless to those around her. Imagine a girl controlled and raped. Imagine a girl impregnated by an abusive, vicious brute. Imagine a girl 8 months pregnant, going to school, being taunted by fellow classmates. Imagine a 17 year old with a year old child, a living breathing infant that is now hers unwillingly. Imagine her coming home at 8:00 each night from her 3 jobs that offer only minimum wage. Imagine her giving up the rest of her life for a baby that she didn't even chose to have, that a cruel being forced upon her. Imagine the baby growing up in a harsh environment where they can barely get by. Imagine the suffering, and sorrow it would feel to lead that life.

Every year 32,101 pregnancies are due to rape between the ages of 12-45. Over half of these women discover the pregnancy after their 2nd trimester, meaning it is almost impossible to seek help. These women end up having a child that was forced upon them, taking care of its expeensives, and new life all by their selves. The baby's grow up to kids who barely get by. The question comes up; would it have been better to get an abortion?

American is the land of the free, where people come to flourish their crazy ideas. It is a human right that you should chose wether or not to birth a child into this world. Unfortunately were not always given the opportunity to decide for ourselves. Only 11% of females world wide are given medical attention after their assault. A women could develop signs of pregnancy but not know it; morning sickness, plumper stomach, hunger, and tiredness are all signs that could be considered a part of daily life.

Personally I think that abortion should be legal, however under certain circumstances should you be allowed to get one after your 1st trimester. 1st we need to take care of those unfairly impregnated. If they seek the procedure after the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, programs should accept their request. Free blood tests, and background checks should be offered. Then if they pass, abortion procedure's should be offered. If America decides to outlaw abortion the government should support the child's expenses of rape victims all the way until age 24 (or how many years of education he or she decided to go to). 2nd abortion should be cheaper for those less fortunate. Finally I believe abortion should be made more accessible and, more promoted.

If your that lonely 16 year old girl working 3 shifts every night, this is the only way it will be fair, right, and justified.

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