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My name is Felicity Steiger, I am a student at Oxford High School. I am in photography class and video tech. class this year, and had taken digital design 1&2 last year as a freshman.

if you look at the example on the right and you look at my photo on the lest they are on the same rule of third. they both have a subtle background that makes the eye go strait to the object you want.
these are an examples of different compositions. my favorite one, the bottom left is a example of direct symmetry where it is centered going against the rule of thirds but at the same time the object is symmetrical.
there was a very difficult process you have to follow in order to get the effect you want. there are many layers you have to look at and make sure you watch carefully
this kaleidoscope is made from a picture of flowers I saw at a cemetery. and i thought it woud be a cool object for the project


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