The Great Depression-Part 2 Social medial and its effects on teenagers

“To be ill adjusted to a deranged world is not a breakdown” says Jeanette Winterson, about mental illness. Mental illness has become a growing problem, and the connection has been uncovered… the internet. In a recent study at McMaster university has shown that Facebook has been discovered to decrease people’s mood, and can cause depression in teenagers and adults. Facebook has launched an updated program to help users who want to try to help their friends struggling with suicidal thoughts, this time having it open for anyone in the world to use. Depression and Mental illness may seem very different, but come from the same origin and read along the same lines.

A recent study by McMaster university has showed that social media and too much exposure to the internet can cause mental illness and depression. It has been shown that on Facebook as people look at others pictures they come to the conclusion that their life isn’t as great as theirs, and it makes them depressed. Facebook can also change people’s mood as they scroll through all the different pictures of people with different mood like, sad, happy, confused, etc. When this happens it can make it impossible for them to even feel emotions because their senses have been overwhelmed by all the emotion in the posts. We invented something to bring people together, but in reality it is tearing us apart.

McMaster University has shown that too much internet use can cause mental illness in teenagers and adults. People who used the internet for more than 61 minutes have been diagnosed with higher levels of depressions. Facebook may seem like a great way to get out there to everyone, but along with depression it can also cause mental illness. McMaster university studies have shown that 42% of people tested have been diagnosed with mental illness do to internet exposure. Social media doesn’t mean the worst that it has proven, but sadly has brought on much pain to the teenagers of our generation.

Some people may argue that even though it has been proven that Facebook causes depression, experts have also shown that Facebook can help prevent suicidal thoughts. In spite of the evidence, some people still believe that Facebook can help people with self-injury aided by Forefront, Lifeline, and While it can be argued that social media is destroying the ability of children to feel for others, it is not true because it can help people make new friends. Of course, some may disagree that social media and text messages are promoting anxiety and lowering self control. We would like to argue back on the fact that social media is held against being something good, but has be brought to the harsh reality that it can cause the worst in people with mental illness and depression.

Many think that social media has no connection to the harms of our world, but really it is the main cause of the pain in being stuck with your thoughts. A lot of people get way into social media and start to believe that their life is boring compared to the photos. Many can argue against the fact that social media is harmful to our growing and maturing minds, while others could agree with our argument. We chose this topic hoping that it would keep many of you from making the mistake of coming to know a deranged world and in hopes that you all understand the limits of social media and internet.

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