Photography Club Members Display "Reflection" Photos

Throughout the month of March, Photography Club members submitted photos based on one theme: Reflections. Among the broad topic of reflections, some included water, mirrors or cell phones. Below are their best photos and reflections.

(Photo/ Junior Alex Shnaider)
"I hope to use my professional camera for the upcoming themes, since the past couple of pictures I have shown have not been as clear as I would have liked." Junior Alex Shnaider
(Photo/ Junior Alex Shnaider)
(Photo/ Junior Alex Shnaider)
"I like seeing everyone's differing perspectives on the given theme each week. I think it's really interesting to see their points of view as well as hear about any techniques they used to capture their photo." Junior Alex Shnaider
(Photo/ Senior Lillie Hunter)
"I enjoyed this month's theme because I though it made you think outside the box." Junior Sophia David.
(Photo on top/ freshman Mahoney Cyr; On left/ junior Hailey Lowenstein; On right/ junior Katy Langenhorst)
(Photo/ Junior Sophia David)
"The best feature of my photo is the added effect of black and white." Junior Sophia David

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