Test Analysis (Outcome 4)

Study Plan: For the next test I will use a five day study plan. I will break it up by chapter / topic. I will use approximately the picture below. I will use the textbook and practice problems to study and review. I will also review the test from last semester and review the previous test in case there is any older material used on this exam. I will probably go to office hours one day of the week before the test to make sure I know what I should know for the test and for any specific questions I have.

5 day study plan

I thought the post-test analysis was a good way to break down the test and figure out where your main issues were. It was also nice to have a written estimated score instead of a general feeling at least for this scenario because I did slightly better than anticipated. Breaking down the question type helped me recognize that I didn't miss any points on multiple choice questions so I probably should work on more word problems for my practice problems. Naturally, going over what I missed with the professor was quite helpful to understand the material. It was a good experience and Dr. Putman was very friendly and willing to help. I have not received my next test grade yet, but I felt pretty good about it so hopefully it was an improvement from this one.

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