Generation Analysis Generation Z

What is Generation Z?

Generation Z is known to be the legion of people born after the millennials (generation Y) with 2 billion strong and the most multicultural and diverse generation ever before . Though there is no exact date dictating when the Z Generation starts and ends, demographers say the starting birth is anywhere between the mid 90's to the early 2000's . They are also commonly called the iGeneration or the Centennials.

What Generation Am I?

I feel that I belong to generation Z because not only am I born within the starting years but my use of technology and modern advantages like the internet and enhanced daily efficiency is dominant in my life (in school when i research, in talking with friends anywhere in the world etc..). My values and beliefs are also modern unlike the traditional ones of older generations. They are different from the ways of older generations because I am still learning and growing as social and political changes occur.

What Defines Generation Z?

To me generation Z is defined as the group of people still presently becoming adults or teens. We are consumed by an abundance of information due to media and global connection via the internet. Due to this we have the most advanced values and opinions of any other generation. We learn about world problems first. We have the ability to spread awareness and be informed by the touch of a button. I think we are the first generation of youth to hold so much power in something.

What Matters the Most to Generation Z?

A major factor of this generation is the desire to learn and consume. Having things and knowing everything matters to us. Technology and the need to feel/be connected is also an important thing to generation Z. Some people within this demographic can feel isolated or uneasy without things like brand names or WiFi.

Other values include: Customization. (72% of Generation Z want the right to design their own majors). Social good. (Generation Z is interested in giving back as 1 in 4 volunteer). Self-educating and online learning. 43% of teens prefer a digital approach to learning and find it easiest to learn from the Internet. and lasty they value racial diversity

Media Choice


About MY Selection...

Project X is a wild comedy that was released in the year 2012. It stars Thomas Mann, Oliver Cooper, and Johnathan Daniel Brown. In the film three boys set out to throw the biggest party of the year for their friend's 17th birthday and to document the whole thing as it plays out. Project X felt like the perfect media for this assignment to me because it's a movie that everyone I'm growing up with knows about. It also emanates the motive of teens from this generation. This is seen through the predominant use of technology such as the fact the movie is being seen through the lens of a camcorder and the birthday invitations that spread around the school like wild fire via text messages.

How are Gen-Z Values shown in Project X?

I think the values of partying and having fun is a inter generational want from all teens. Including the pursuit of happiness (hence the theme song of the movie- "pursuit of happiness") is one that can be seen here as well as in other generations and movies from their decades. But what strikes Project X as such a Gen-Z movie is the use of technology. Usually people who don't make it to a party see whats going on by watching videos on snap chat or receiving videos and pics from friends. Likewise, in Project X the viewer who is not present at the party watches the documentation of it through the lens of someones camera much like Generation Z does in real life. Technology use in the movie is also evident when one friend sends out a text message-invitations to multiple people which is then spread through out the school in a matter of hours. This is also seen with generation X kids who have a the luxury of cellphones.

Generation Z also values highly developed and advanced technology. The most popular movies amungst this generation all have the most CGI, 3-D experiences, and action packed scripts with enhanced sound and visuals. Project X depicts that as it is described by critics as "A Teen Party Movie on Steroids" and very "Hollywood".

Side Fact: Till this day teenagers I know will still call wild parties "Project X" or for example if the hosts name was Anna, then the next day everyone calls it "Project-A"

Customs, Gender Roles, Social Norms...

Teenager customs like hanging out at friends houses, talking about girls/boys, going behind your parents back, connecting through technology, and pulling out a device to record every little thing is evident in Project X. In the movie there is a mix of cultures and stereotypes. College girls are perceived as promiscuous and crazy partyers. The role of girls in the movie is to be attractive and be wild. You have the typical nerds and jocks as well as the "girl next door" and the class clowns. Social norms among teens like doing drugs engaging in sexual activity are none the less very predominant in this movie. The attitude towards these activities and substances is very experimental and open as well as appropriate and acceptable for the occasion in the movie.

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