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DR. ROSENID BADIA, Franklin International Exploratory Academy

"The media specialist has a focus on equity and emphasizes projects with social responsibility, often connecting students with members of the community."

School Library Journal 2020 School Librarian of the Year Longlist

Dynamic Librarians:

  • Quintanilla MS librarian LaShonda Roberson collaborated with the Health teacher on a 5-week inquiry project for students. Ms. Roberson shared a process for inquiry through Google Classroom and asked students to complete each step of the process within Google Classroom while recording their reflections every step of the way. Ms. Roberson has modeled an effective inquiry process not only for students but staff as well! Dallas ISD Librarian Profile - Models & supports collaboration, supports, supplements, and elevates learners' literacies including ethical behavior, and provides opportunities for learners to express diverse perspectives.
  • Booker T Washington HS librarian Natalia Ivenskaya met with 10th grade English students to show them how to use the new Sora app. Students had the opportunity to download the app, find a book, and check the book out. Ms. Ivenskaya then thanked the teacher on the faculty Facebook page for allowing her time to teach students. This has generated interest from other teachers who would like Ms. Ivenskaya to teach their students how to use Sora! Dallas ISD Librarian Profile - Supports, supplements, and elevates learners' literacies.
  • Pinkston HS librarian Deidra Ballard-Moore has updated her library website to make it more interactive for students. She has added a Wonderoplis widget that encourages students to explore ideas of interest. She also added a link to free online driving tests as well as a book trailer of the week. Ms. Ballard-Moore is committed to providing anytime anywhere learning and exploration for students! Dallas ISD Librarian Profile - Designs instruction for a range of learners.
  • Melissa Cunningham, Townview librarian, created an interactive book gallery for Black History Month. She also offered a Black History Film Series during lunch time. This is an amazing idea that is easily duplicated by other librarians! Dallas ISD Librarian Profile - Engenders inclusiveness and diversity.
  • Skyline Librarians Michele Bass & Kimberly Broomhall were awarded the Real Reads which is the secondary version of Reading Rock Stars. Both programs are sponsored from Texas Book Festival. Real Reads allowed Skyline to host best-selling author Julissa Arce Raya. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile - Supports, supplements, & elevates learners' literacy.
  • Cora Cooper, Hawthorne Elementary librarian, created a wonderful lesson that will allow the students to create 3D models using the makerspace area to create a layout of what they want the new library to look like. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile - Facilitates innovative thinking for problem solving.
  • CONGRATULATIONS to Halliday Librarian, Barbara Stroup, for being awarded a $200 Lone Star Día Grant for Children’s Day, Book Day, from First Book Marketplace! The funding is awarded to help librarians celebrate children and foster their joy in reading during their Día celebration. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile - Engenders inclusiveness and diversity.
  • Sarah Robinson, Adams HS librarian, created an engaging Breakout EDU lesson (digital) in collaboration with the Travel and Tourism teacher to provide a testing review at the end of the six weeks. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile - Models & supports collaboration, cultivates learners to build on prior knowledge and apply critical analysis of information.
  • Gayle Benage, Kennedy-Curry librarian, created bookmarks with qr codes to book trailers. They are very creative, eye catching, and the students love them. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile - Supports, supplements, and elevates learners' literacies.
Mr. Mark Hall Librarian at Medrano MS helped the principal select titles for a schoolwide book study the principal wanted to do. In addition to that, he got all the books funded by KPMG.

LMS Dept. has a variety of Online Resources

The LMS Dept. has credible, reliable online resources across grade and content areas!

More Dynamic Librarians

  • Sudie Williams TAG Academy librarian Amy Garnica is using bulletin boards as interactive learning tools. She is providing interesting facts, statistics, and charts and showing the connections between the facts. Students will also have the opportunity to draw connections between facts! Dallas ISD Librarian Profile - Cultivates learners to build on prior knowledge & apply critical analysis of information.
  • Chapel Hill Prep librarian Alicia Grijalva designed and facilitated professional learning for teachers that allowed them to experience team roles and collaboration. Teachers were given materials and challenged to create a slow-moving parachute. Teachers learned strategies to replicate collaborative learning and team roles in their classrooms! "Teachers were engaged in the activity and with each other!" Dallas ISD Librarian Profile - Models & supports collaboration and provides a conducive & safe learning environment.
  • Hillcrest HS librarian Merri Lynne Alexander worked with Junior IB students to help them formulate their question for research. Ms. Alexander collaborated with students to create a Thick and Thin Question anchor chart and assisted students as they revised and refined their research question. She also challenged students to see if their question was Googleable by having them type their question into a Google search box. Ms. Alexander says she was impressed with the students' work and understanding of a strong research question! Dallas ISD Librarian Profile - Models & supports collaboration, cultivates learners to build on prior knowledge & apply critical analysis of information and supports, supplements, and elevates learners' literacies including digital citizenship.

Working from Home

Librarians, CityLab Librarian, Ms. Fuentes did an Online Read Aloud. Ms. Lopez, Rosemont Elem., and Ms. Bass & Ms. Broomhall, Skyline HS, held Virtual Book Club meetings. Moreno Librarian & Hotchkiss Librarian, Mrs. Verastiqui participated in Snap-a-Photo Spirit Week

Virtual Instruction

Ms. Campos Solar Prep for Girls doing morning announcements. Ms. Bolin DeGolyer Elem. did a virtual storytime which included siblings. Ms. Dillard Peabody provided a STEM bingo to keep her students engaged. Ms. Solis Cowart Elem. provided SEL online. Ms. Booker Wilmer-Hutchins Elem. provided a library choice board which included flipgrid. Ms. Reed-Smith Oliver Elem, virtually collaborating. Ms. De Ford Jordan Elem. connects with families using ClassDojo. Ms. Cunningham Townview promoted her updated the library website. Ms. Hullett Ireland Elem. does a daily fun library activity with her students.

Virtual Reading Promotions

Our librarians Ms. Touchet Harllee EC, Ms. Roberson Quintanilla MS, Ms. Cunninghame Townview, Ms. Kennard Conner Elem., Ms. Dillard Peabody Elem., and Ms. Harris Molina HS have all found creative ways to promote reading!

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