DIY Halloween Treats BY: HANNAH PAINE

With this Halloween season being different from previous years, some of the holiday's iconic activities have been canceled. Hopefully these at-home Halloween treats can help make this spooky season a little bit better.


Using three simple ingredients and taking up less than an hour, your family can bond while creating these delicious mummy Rice Krispie Treats. You can make this treat from the comfort of your own home to sweeten up this holiday season.

Rate: 9/10

This treat was the easiest to make and the process wasn't too long. It's a delicious treat to make before Halloween and I plan on making it again.


This treat is a sweet and salty turn on a staple candy during this spooky season. Candy corn pretzels take minutes to make and can be customized in various ways. You only need two ingredients and some food dye to create this for your family.

Rate: 7/10

This treat was fairly easy to make, but the process was longer than I anticipated. There was a lot of coating at the end of the pretzel, but that was my fault for not letting the excess drip. Overall, the treat was pretty good and I plan on making them for my friends.


These Frankenstein Oreo pops are just one of many Halloween Oreo designs, but definitely outrank the rest. This spooky treat can easily be made to enjoy in your own home or share with family, friends and neighbors.

Rate: 5/10

This treat was the most difficult and required the most ingredients. I'm not very good at baking and decorating, so they aren't the cutest. They aren't easy to make for the average person, but they taste somewhat good.

Created By
Hannah Paine


Created with an image by Mark Duffel - "The Pumpkin Patch"