Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Lorena Reis

Nature On Display

I felt that this exhibit appealed to me because of the blown up marine life to demonstrate what the life in an estuary actually looks like. What captured my attention the most was the fish that is behind me. All of the marine life had been blown up 12 times its original size. I learned that even by blowing up the marine life to that size, that there are still organisms that are too small to see. These microscopic organisms, such as zooplankton and phytoplankton are the foundation of the estuary's food web. In another smaller sized medium, I wouldn't have really captured this image.

Nature and the Human Spirit

I felt that this exhibit of the natives of Northwestern Florida at Natural History museum really allowed me to take a moment to step out of my life and into their shoes. I learned that the diorama represents an exchange of exotic goods between the leader from the Chattahoochee and a visiting nobleman. In the background, the local communities observe the exchange. This is not something you would witness today. This demonstrates how drastic societal norms and ways of living have changed. This also helps me understand how Florida, my home state, first began and how the indigenous lived. It helps me appreciate the majesty of the natural world.

Nature and Ethics
Nature and Ethics

The Natural History Museum provided various opportunities to experience nature the way Leopold explained, especially through different conservation methods. I felt so excited upon seeing an exhibit of a house with interactive activities, like clicking on the different types of light bulbs, of how to conserve energy and reduce our footprint on the environment. I thought it was very well organized how the museum created certain suggestions to conserve on the different kitchen appliances. There were several kids playing throughout this "green" house, and I feel like the exhibit did a well job of exposing the young generation to an important issue through its vibrant colors and interactive activities. This experience has instilled an ethical responsibility to nature and to conservation as Leopold imagines.

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