Animal Extinction How many species are we losing without thinking?

  • There are about 44,838 species that are documented worldwide.
  • 905 of those species are extinct.
  • 16,928 are documented as threatened to be extinct.

*This leaves us with only 27,005 animals that are awaiting their extinction*

Extinct species around the world:

  • North America: 256 species... GONE
  • South America: 29 species... EXTINCT
  • Europe: 16 species... DEAD
  • Mesoamerica: 26 species... GONE
  • Asia: 69 species...EXTINCT
  • Oceania: 185 species... DEAD

Why are all these different kinds of species dying off?

  • Hunting
  • Destruction of habitat
  • Global Warming

Shark Fin Soup

  • An estimate of one 100 sharks are killed each year.
  • The shark population has decreased almost 90% due to shark fin soup in the past fifteen years. If this keeps rising, sharks will be extinct in the next ten years.
  • One pound of dried shark fins can sell for almost three hundred dollars.
  • Sharks are not only hunted for their fins, but also teeth, liver oil, jaws, cartilage, and skin used for belts and many more.

Manta Ray Hunting

  • On average over 1,000 Manta Rays are captured and killed each year.
  • The two species of Manta Rays, The Giant Manta Ray and Reef Manta Rays, are listed as very vulnerable.
  • The hunting of this specie is typically not for their meet, rather than their gills. Why? Well in Chinese culture, these gills are used to regulate blood flow, reduce toxins, help with fertility and much more.
  • One kilogram of their gills is worth almost $200 dollars


  • In 2012, it was calculated that we lost about 1.5 million kilometers around the world. Today, we have destroyed over 50% of our forests.
  • The loss of forests contributes between 12% and 17% of annual global greenhouse contributions.
  • There are more than 121 natural remedies in the rain forest which can be used as medicines, without these we have nothing.
  • Up to 28,000 species are expected to become extinct by the next quarter of the century due to deforestation. We only 44,838 species including all the endangered. If we subtract 28,000, this leaves us with only 16,838 species left.
  • Tropical rain forests which cover 6-7% of the earth’s surface, contain over half of all the plant and animal species in the world!

Global Warming

  • research has recently predicted that average global temperatures could increase 8°F by the year of 2100.
  • WE are the number one cause of global warming.
  • Rising temperatures also worsen air pollution by increasing ground level ozone. Ground level ozone is pollution created by factories, cars and other sources reacted by heat or sunlight. This is the main component of smog, and the hotter things get, the dirtier out air gets.
  • With our land and oceans changing at such a fast speed, animal species can not adapt quick enough to the change of their environment and eventually die out.

The World’s Extinct Animals Cemetery

  • Made in 1998 by animal protector Guo Geng and is located in Beijing China.
  • There are a total of 145 stones toppled over like dominoes representing that one extinction of a species can trigger the extinction of a related species and so on.
  • At the end of the line of falling tombstones stands a large concrete hand which represents people taking action to prevent animal extinction.
  • Each stone is inscribed with the name of the species, as well as numbers in brackets which are the extinction dates released by World Conservation Union.

Do you truly think this is okay?



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