Oleispira Antarctica by: kiersten fisher

Captain Spira

I am Formally known as Oleispira Antarctica

Most People call me O. Antarctica

I am a Super Hero/Super Villain. Some may say i Have a “split personality.” My super alias is Captain Oleispira, but Captain Spira for short.

Image of Oleispira Antarctica

By contrast, for the significantly colder polar seas or the deep sea I would be the more suitable bacterium. I can survive at temperatures around 5 degrees Celsius that are typical for example on the seabed of the Gulf of Mexico. With eleven protein crystal structures i have the largest quantity of structures under the cold-loving microrganisms and it clearly has more negative charges at the surface than microrganisms in moderate temperatures. Even if most of the enzymes that make up me no longer work optimally under cold weather conditions, they still work sufficiently to accelerate growth and outdo other competitors, if a hydrocarbon diet from crude oil suddenly becomes available. The persistence of these bacteria is proof of their ecological competitiveness in cold environments, therefore making us good candidates for the development of biotechnological solutions for oil pollution mitigation in polar regions. The new insights about the two of us is small, but an important step forward in the search for alternatives to the toxic dispersants that have been used so far.

Some consider me, O. Antarctica, as both helpful and harmful. I'm helpful because it kills the oil from oil spills by eating the oxygen it needs to survive. I'm harmful because along with eating the oxygen from the oil killing it, i do the same to the good bacteria that is also living in the ocean.

I've looked everywhere for something or someone to be worthy of my arch nemesis, but found no one . So I’m just assuming I'm unstoppable.

Since I’ve assumed that I'm unstoppable. I Don't have an arch nemesis that would harm me.

I help my community by driving oil degradation in the largest environment on earth, the ocean. I hurt my community by killing the other bacteria living in the ocean by consuming all the oxygen.

My superpower is I have the ability to rid the ocean of the pestilent oil that threatens to kill the citizens living there. I do so by consuming all of the oxygen in the ocean, but that would include the oxygen that the citizens use to survive.

My ally would probably be oxygen. When I consume the oxygen it prevents the oil from using it to survive. Since the oil is considered a nuisance, killing off the oil makes me a superhero. The oxygen helps me to appear as a superhero.


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