The Cirrhosis of the Liver By sean mirza, JONATHaN bergbaum,Rohan subramaniam, BenjAmIn cooper

The Problem (Intro)

The problem that we are trying to solve or prevent is the problem of the cirrhosis of the liver. The cirrhosis of the liver happens when the liver is damaged by too much alcohol and fatty foods. When this happens the liver essentially dies and can no longer function. It becomes hard and can no longer perform its task- flushing out toxins. This can be very dangerous to your body and cause a plethora of problems including fatigue, general weakness, pain in the abdomen and weight loss. In later stages of the disease more serious problems including yellowing of the skin, bruising and bleeding. Obviously this is very serious and may require a transplant because you could die from these symptoms. However we have created a prevention plan which is a diet and could work if the disease is caught early enough.

A visual guide to the liver

The Blog Page

4/23/17:Today we started the spark.adobe page and as well started the pro/con chart for the liver solutions.

4/28/17: Today we decided which solution would be the best for us to pursue. Our pick was Rohan's diet of avocado, grapefruit and garlic. We calculated the cost and pros and cons, and worked out the details of the solution.

5/1/17: Today, Sean worked on the problem page of the website, while Benjamin researched and answered questions, Rohan worked on the model drawing, and Jonathan helping the model drawing and the note taking. Overall, the website was made up to date, and our model was completed.

5/2/17: Today, we are peer reviewing.

Today, we worked on a chart that has all the nutrients and vitamins from the food. we picked 4 nutrients/vitamins that helped the liver, and researched how they helped cirrhosis.

5/9/17: Today we found that there exists dietary supplement powders of avocado, garlic and grapefruit, so we started to draft solution #2 which was to take certain amounts of these three powders and make them into a pill.

5/15/17 today we planned out how to plan what we will do for our final visual. We will be doing a diagrarm

5/16/17 today we will be looking for doses and planning what to write on the diagram

5/17/17 today we will be continuing to draw the diagram and hopefully complete it

Solution #1:

Our solution is a prevention solution, which involves a diet of grapefruit, avocado, and garlic. This solution works because of grapefruit, avocado and garlic's natural properties that help the liver to flush out toxins.

Over the weekend we developed multiple questions about our solution

How long will this solution take to work?

After about a day, the nutrients from the food will reach the liver and begin the long process of healing. It is unclear how long the whole process will take, but it will probably take over a year.

Are grapefruit, avocado and garlic the best foods to use?

Most of the foods suggested by Google all will have the same effect eventually. However, grapefruit and avocado are easy to buy and more accessible to everyone than other suggested foods such as thistle and Turmeric.

Why might this solution work? Why might it not work?

This solution might work because it is accessible to most people and it has worked for people who have used it in the past. It might not work for very poor people in a remote area, who cannot afford grapefruit and avocados.

Is this solution practical enough for all cirrhosis patients to use?

It is very cheap and it is only eating food and that is really easy to do. Per year the diet only cost 1550 per year it may be a bit expensive but it is cheaper than the treatment for liver cirrhosis.

We chose this solution because of its practicality. According to our calculations, it would be cheap to go on this diet, compared to medical treatment. All this prevention method requires is an (increased) eating of such foods as grapefruit, avocado, garlic.
We changed almost the entire solution. Before, we had that the whole foods should be eaten in order to get the nutrients, but now we had the idea to take the dehydrated powders of the vegetables/fruits that contain the same nutrients, so that we can put them into a pill. This would make it easy for people to get the nutrients; they just have to take a pill instead of having to eat three different vegetables and fruits.
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