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Camera Exposure

Camera Exposure is very important in photography as the exposure determines how light or dark the image will appear, and this is determined but just three different settings. These settings are; Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed.


When you control the ISO you are controlling how sensitive the camera is to light, the higher the ISO the more sensitive the camera is which means that more light can get into the camera. This has it advantages but it also has disadvantages. The higher the ISO the more 'noisy' the image, this means that the image looks more grainy.

This photo has the right amount of exposure. The image is not too dark and it is not too bright.

This photo is over exposed. There is too much light getting to the camera as I put the ISO up higher than it needed to be.

This image is under exposed. While capturing this image I put the ISO lower than what it needed to be so I ended up with this result.


Aperture is the hole which the light travels through. Aperture is quite confusing as on the camera the aperture is measured in numbers. The larger the number means the smaller the hole, and the larger means that you'll have a lower depth of field.

This is an example of aperture that I took.

Shutter Speed

Shutter speed is exactly what it sounds like, it is the speed of the shutter. Controlling the shutter speed is very helpful as you can make the shutter speed longer and have very cool looking photos, or you could have a fast shutter speed and capture fast speed moments.

ç√∞ ∫§4 byvubThese are some examples of shutter speed that I took myself. Even though they look out of focus and blurry they all were in focus a


Composition is a category of photography which is filled with many different techniques that help the photo look correct and even could add a sort of effect.


Framing is when you use an object or item to help draw the attention to your focal point.

Rule of Three

The rule of three is a gird which helps you guide your focal point, you could keep it centered or you can move it off to the side to help emphasise the focus point.

Patterns and SYMMETRY

Patterns and symmetry is very simple and easy. It is when a photo has some sort of pattern or if the photo is symmetrical.

Leading lines

Leading lines is similar to framing but instead of blocking out a bit of the photo with an object,


Viewpoint is where you position the camera, wither it is below, beside or above you focus point.


We put into groups of three and tasked to take photos of an egg, we were not aloud to move the egg or the camera just the lighting. These are the results.


We were tasked to go out of class and take photos of nature or structures that were shaped like letters, once we took photos of each letters we had to make our name out of them. This is the result.

Photography Assignment-Night

We were given an assignment and had the opportunity to choose 3 different categories, I chose night.

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