Aberdeenshire pub owner remembers Oasis encounter more than 20 years on

Almost 22 years ago a small rural restaurant and pub in the North-east became the centre of the music world as one part of Oasis paid a visit.

We've looked back at the time the former Oasis lead singer paid the Garlogie Inn a memorable visit.

On September 1997, Oasis were staying at the Raemoir House Hotel before a sell-out gig at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre when Liam stepped in for a couple of pints at the Aberdeenshire restaurant and pub.

Nick Quinn, co-owner of the Garlogie Inn who was at the pub, recalls the day one half of the biggest band in the world at the time visited his family-owned establishment.

"I remember we were here getting the bar ready on the morning and all of a sudden this guy, who must have been about 6ft 6, came in and went straight to the bathroom. After about a minute or so he emerged and left again.
About a minute after that he (Liam Gallagher) and about four or five others walked into the bar area and ordered some pints.
I remember Liam having two lagers and being so nice with the staff. It was the opposite of what you heard in the papers about him. He was so kind and spoke to everyone.
He even offered the staff some tickets for the concert but they couldn't go because we had quite a busy night as it was a Saturday and a really nice day.
1997 was before camera phones so only one of the girls had a camera with her so we managed to get three pictures of Liam. It was quite a surreal experience having the biggest band in the world, at the time, in a small pub in rural Scotland.
I remember Liam refusing to give an autograph to a girl unless he got hers as well. I just couldn't believe how nice a guy he was. They were staying at the Raemoir so he must have noticed us on the way there and came in for a couple of lagers. They couldn't have been nicer guys.
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Words by Peter Davidson. Pictures by Heather Fowlie

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