A little about me by: Hailey ewert

My interests & activities


I play basketball, soccer and track. I have done all 3 sports since before i was 8. I love playing these sports because they get my mind off everything stressful and help you relax, and they are fun to do.

My career


I want to be an orthodontist when I grow up. I've always wanted to be a professional athlete but I realized I needed to be more realistic so I realized that teeth really interest me and how cool it would be to be able to fix peoples teeth, and then i realized that i want to be an orthodontist.

My hero


My hero is my mom. My mom use to be a college soccer player, and could possibly be a professional right now if it wasn't for a sprinkler. My mom use to be REALLY good at soccer and track until in college she got a serious injury that stopped her from being able to run. She then had to get a job being a cook for many places and working on a ferry and now she coaches us(me and my siblings) so hopefully we will be able to be as good as her.

My favorite foods


My favorite food is licorice and turkey. My uncle and I are both obsessed with turkey and thanksgiving dinner. Every time we see each other we eat A LOT of turkey even if its not a holiday. My mom and I love licorice and buy a bunch every time we cross the border from Canada to the United States.

Something I'm proud of


I started playing competitive basketball in 5th grade, and in 7th grade my coach told me I wasn't good enough. So I decided to tryout for another team, and I made it. I started out at the bottom of the team, and by the end of the year I was one of the best players. I worked my hardest to get better and be better. I tried out the next year and made it and made my old coaches regret not taking me in 7th grade and now I am one of the best players on our team.

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