DTC #11: On Hawaiian Time The best kind of sunday is the one with your ohana





The band at this island breakfast spot will bring you under their wing during Sunday brunch.

Then get lost in this jungle like nursery searching for the perfect addition to your place.

Complete your journey by scouring a warehouse to choose the perfect vessel for your roots to take hold.

According to the last US Census Gardena, CA has the highest percentage of Japanese Americans in California.
Stop 1

join a hawaiian family for brunch

• 11:00am until you've become ohana with Uncle Pete •

Los Angeles is plagued with the stigma of having a population without roots. Not in Gardena, and especially not in Bob’s Hawaiian Style Restaurant. The outside may not look like much but upon entering the family vibes radiate from every corner. While guiding your ohana to a table on the far side of the salad bar you can’t help but feel the islands. This is where you want to be when Uncle Pete’s band gets going. You'll be close enough to hear all the music and, more importantly, be part of the jokes that have most likely been used for years. After you’ve filled up on spam & eggs and macadamia banana pancakes, send a shaka to your new Uncles. It’s time to get lost in a mini jungle.

Stop 2


• Post brunch until after you've found "the one" •

A few minutes drive down Western Ave will bring you to the flourishing grounds of Sunflower Farms. Family operated by the Akiyama’s since 1975, the unique collection of fauna spans from plumerias to ghost peppers. As you duck under palm trees and hanging ivy keep your eyes peeled for that perfect addition to your place. Most small items are under $5, especially in the indoor green room. Once you feel like you've found that one to really tie your place together, and some extra potting soil, its time to leave to find that perfect vessel to plant it in.

Stop 3

Scour for a pot

• when you have the plant in hand to when you have it in a pot •

Between the 110 and 405 freeways the Pottery MFG and Dist. Inc. stores pots of all shapes, sizes and styles. Passing through the outdoor rows of these is as interesting as it is dumbfounding. Unless you happened to pick up an 8-foot palm tree what you’ll be looking for is near the swinging gnome inside. There is an entire section of small pots around the $5 range. After you’ve had a hard time picking your favorite shrubbery container head home to get your hands dirty. The only decision you’ll have to make is where to lets these roots grow.


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