Farming Southern niGeria

Southern Nigeria Farming In 1900

During the 1900 farming was a very significant towards the idgo tribe. Toward family and the meaning of wealth and even success. Some were privileged to be born with a family that owned a farm, yet some were not. In the book "things fall apart" , it states how important yams and farming representations of wealth. Stated in Things Fall Apart, " there was a wealthy man in Okonkwos billiard who had three huge barns. " (Aceba 18)


Yams in idgo

Significant of farming to men

A man with yams was as a man with a great car in our day, but yams were not to be messed with or it can affect ones living and reputation. For example, “ the year the harvest was sad, like a funeral, and many farmers wept as they dug up the miserable and rotting yams.” (Aceba 24) This was a year of idgo tribe that was very bad for farming life and affected people's life. But giving up and being lazy was known as weakness.

Ruined farming

There was foods kinds were forbidden to be eaten because it would be tempted to steal. Said in thins fall apart, " eggs, which children were rarely allowed to eat because such food tempted them to steal." (Acebe 76). This shows how little simple foods meant very much wealth and were valuable. Not everyone was able to eat as well as others with a farm that were considered very wealthy and successful.

Now in day farming in Nigeria

Farming in Nigeria today is about the same as it was in 1900. Farming is still a huge part in Nigeria. It made a huge turn and created many opportunities to be able to get jobs. The population is mianly about farming. This creates much of money and it still is a sign of wealth. (Omen) A difference is the yams are not as important as much as they were before. Other things in gaming allowed it to be not as important. The big thing is still farming just not the items. (Journal)


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