Why The Sea Is Salty victor


A willingness to give

noun) A kindness person gave a kid a apple of the tree. adj) the little kid was mean that he throw the apples in the garden. verb) then the kid ran away.

noun) kindness adj) mean verb) ran


To give help

verb) i supported my friend when his arm hurt. noun) we where in the mountains when my friend hurt his arm. adj) then he went to the nurse.

parts of speech: (verb) (noun)


Not proud of himself

adj) a kid was simply walking home from school, humbled that he got a bad grade. verb) he was a shame of himself.

parts of speech: (adj) (verb)


A feeling of unhappiness

noun) a apple was kindness to the other apple. adj) the apple felt friendliness to say hi.

parts of speech: (noun)


Skilled at tricking others

adj) the kid was smart at tricking other people. verb) he was foolish.

parts of speech: (adj)

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