Book Report- Star Darlings: Leona's Unlucky Mission S2b cindy chao 14

Basic Information

Title: Star Darlings: Leona's Unlucky Mission

Author: Shana Muldoon Zappa and Ahmet Zappa

Publisher: Disney Press

ISBN: 978-142317768-5

No. of pages: 151

Category: adventure,tale,fantasy

The Background Of The Story

It's set in a place called Starland, a place very far away from earth. That place is inhabited by Starlings, they look just like us, but with different vivid hair, lip colors and sparkly faces Some of them grant good wishes in Wishworld, that's what they call Earth, in order to get the wish energy to keep their world running. But before that, they need to graduate from their academy. In Starling Academy, they only accept best young Starling to be educated in this school. The principal of that school has secretly chosen twelve Starlings to form a group called Star Darlings, each Starling in that group has a mission to grant wishes for young wishers in Wishworld.

The storyline

In this story, Leona is the member of Star Darlings. She is also the lead vocalist in her band. She always wants herself to be the brightest star in the world. When it is her turn to go to Wishworld to grant a wish, she has to challenge herself to put her own desires aside and be sure to understand her Wisher's wish before it is running out of time. Then, she helps her wisher to sing on stage and stand up for herself. Surprisingly, she grants two wishes in the end. But when she gets home, her Wish Pendant , which is used to store the wish energy, is damaged. She feels bad after that.

My Favorite Quote

You are a star. Light up the world.

This is my favorite quote in this book. In this story, Leona uses this quote to make herself feel better whenever she feels depressed. Also, she teaches her wisher to use this quote to make herself braver to face her stage fright. I love this quote because it makes me feel special. I really agreed that everyone is as special as a star in the sky, but sometimes people are just scared of being different from the others and lose their confidence on showing their true talent–They are fear of being isolated. So, if we face our anxiety and be ourselves, we can change the world. The more confident you are, the "brighter" star you are, to "light up the world" upon you.

What this story tell us about?

This story teaches us that when people are treating us unfairly, we should stand up for ourselves. We shouldn't be afraid of being isolated from the others because of that. Bullying isn't right. Everyone has a chance to do something that they like to. Also, when we have the talent on some performance, we shouldn't be startled by people's comments on you. When you like what you're doing, then just do it! Follow your heart! No one will stop you when you have the talent for it. Even though you don't have one yet, you will find it some day.

Why do you like this book series

I like this book series because it tells us to follow our dreams and believe in our wishes. It might be difficult to achieve, but when we have the passion for it, we will succeed one day.

It also tells us to help others in need. When you help someone to accomplish something, they will support you in the future. Even though they don't, at least you will feel like you're doing the right thing.

thanks for reading my report

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