The Pomegranate Tree Michael Aragon, 2 period

The pomegranate tree’s symbol varies all throughout the novel, it’s symbols will surprise you.

In the Kite Runner, a novel written by Khaled Hosseini, Amir and Hassan go through lots of problems, but throughout the novel the pomegranate tree symbolizes many things. Throughout the novel, the pomegranate tree will symbolize Amir and Hassan’s friendship which develops to regretful and the develops in to annoyance and frustration

The pomegranate tree symbolizes many things, but during the first few chapters the pomegranate tree symbolizes Amir and Hassan’s friendship. Amir and Hassan are best friends and they are practically brothers, they are always together, they suddenly come upon a pomegranate tree near the cemetery. “There was a pomegranate tree near the entrance to the cemetery. One summer day, I used one of Ali's kitchen knives to carve our names on it: "Amir and Hassan, the sultans of Kabul." It made it sound so formal, and with those words on the tree, it made it ours. Amir and Hassan vandalized the pomegranate tree to establish their friendship, they broke the law to show their pure friendship. The pomegranate tree is a representation of the power and strength their friendship is to each other. It compares to how they continue to keep their relationship strong. “Sitting cross-legged, sunlight and shadows of pomegranate leaves dancing on his face, Hassan absently plucked blades of grass from the ground as I read his stories he couldn’t read himself.” The pomegranate tree symbolizes how their friendship is so strong and happy, displaying this imagery contributes to the symbol of the pomegranate tree. In the beginning of this novel the pomegranate tree is symbolized as an image of strong friendship that is always happy.

The pomegranate tree has represented an image of happiness in the beginning of the novel, but in the middle of the novel the image of the pomegranate tree symbol changes, and becomes a symbol of regret. Amir has this feeling of regret and jealousy of being friends with Hassan, because Amir’s dad treats him and Hassan like the same even though they aren’t really brothers. “We sat under our pomegranate tree and I knew I’d made a mistake”. What was once Amir’s best friend is not even considered a friend anymore. The pomegranate tree’s symbol changes from happiness to regret, but he regrets even calling Hassan his friend. “The words I’d carved on the tree trunk with Ali’s kitchen knife, Amir and Hassan: The Sultans of Kabul… I couldn’t stand looking at them now.” Amir regrets everything he did with Hassan even their first real bond together, he can’t stand what him and Hassan did when they were younger. In the beginning of the novel the pomegranate tree symbolized their friendship and happiness, but now it has developed to a regretful symbol.

The pomegranate tree has symbolized friendship in the beginning of the novel, regret in the middle of the novel, but now the pomegranate tree symbolizes annoyance and frustration. Hassan has been through a lot and he eventually just blows up with frustration and annoyance, because of Amir. “I remember the day on the hill I had pelted Hassan with pomegranates and tried to provoke him.” This contributes to the annoyance that Hassan had felt, which overall contributes to how the pomegranate tree resembles annoyance and frustration. The pomegranate tree changes from regret to annoyance, but now it changes to frustration. “Then he’d taken the pomegranate from my hand, crushed it against his forehead.” This establishes the pomegranate tree’s symbol as frustrated. Overall at the end of the novel the pomegranate tree symbolizes Hassan’s annoyance and frustration.

Throughout the novel, the pomegranate tree symbolizes Amir and Hassan’s relationship of each other’s birth, growth, and death. The tree was the landmark that resembles happiness but at the same time emotions blossomed, and like all good things must come to an end.


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