European Longevity Tour A Connect The Ages Project

Connect The Ages

Founded upon the belief that older generations are the world's largest wasted resource with the greatest potential to benefit future generations

The Mission

A millennial-led initiative to connect younger generations to the value of older generations - one story at a time

European Longevity Tour

  • 6 Weeks
  • August 23 - October, 9 2017
  • 10+ European Countries (Poland, Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Greece, UK, Netherlands, Germany France, Italy)
  • 4K and 360° Content
  • Education & Entertainment Distribution
  1. Older Generations: share the stories of older generations living with purpose and those who have lived through significant historical events (ie WWII, Holocaust, Communism)
  2. Innovations in Longevity: unique gerontechnology, living arrangements, business models (ie Intergenerational Living and Dementia Village)
  3. Expert Interviews: discuss challenges specific to each country (ie workforce and policy)
  4. Historical Sites: Film historical sites with an older tour guide to use as an entertainment and Ed Tech tool
  5. Blue Zones: high density of centenarian to study successful aging
  • Poland (Warsaw, Auschwitz) 8/25-8/26
  • Hungary 8/27-8/30
  • Austria 8/30-9/2
  • Croatia or Turkey 9/2-9/5
  • Greece 9/5-9/22 (mostly sailing)
  • UK 9/23-9/26
  • Netherlands 9/27-9/28
  • Germany 9/29-10/1
  • France 10/2-10/4
  • Italy 10/4-10/9

Previous Work

Share Your WHY

55 Interviews

Teens - 70s

Multidisciplinary Professionals


"(Skydiving) will lend purpose to other parts of your life"

- Fun Jumper -

"Take young people and show them what they can learn from more experienced people"

- Mad John, 69 -

"I only have 40 jumps and Mad John has thousands... he shows me what I can do to improve myself... it means a lot"

- Mercedes, 21 -

"I never think of myself a how old I am... age is irrelevant... love what you do"

- JP, 44 -

Chili + Lovie

Multi-Generation Goat Farm

Encore Career for Indiana Farming Couple

Older Goats Teach Younger Goats "how to be"

Amanda Cavaleri

AARP, A. Barry Rand Fellow

Founder, Connect The Ages

Amanda Cavaleri has been an entrepreneur and consultant developing cutting-edge operation models and technology in the field of aging services since 2009. Cavaleri's unique background and vision is complementary to AARP's vision to #DisruptAging and reach younger demographic.

Cavaleri's Industry Experience and Knowledge:

  • Entrepreneur in the Field of Aging Since 2009
  • Hands-on Technology Implementation and Operational Experience
  • Unique Global Knowledge of “Best-in-Class” Technologies to Enhance Quality of Life
  • Deep Understanding of Competitive Offerings, Shortcomings, and Opportunities
  • Consultative and Advisory Background with Digital Health Startups, Consumer Electronic Companies, Technology Investors, Life Plan Communities (formerly CCRCs), Government Affairs (national), Aging Associations (national and local), and Universities

Noteworthy Work:

  • 2016-Present AARP - Enterprise Strategy & Innovation A. Barry Rand Fellow
  • 2015-Present Generations United - member of the Board of Directors
  • 2014-Present Connect The Ages - Founder and Aging Services Workforce Development Pioneer
  • 2015-2016 University of Denver - Innovation & Business Partner to Knoebel Institute for Healthy Aging
  • 2014-2016 Carnegie Mellon University & UPMC - Thought Leader & Advisor to Quality of Life Technology Center
  • 2009-2014 Capable Living Concierge & Wellness - Founder & Operator

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Amanda Cavaleri

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