When you want to ditch the boring legal-eagle grey suit for something unique where do you start? It's Spring, a time for renewal and the welcome of summer color. Your Friday is already shaping up to be a hectic mix of business meetings and after-work socials about town. You want to create a look that is both smart and manicured, but can switch to light, feminine and flirty on demand. So how do you take your look from conference room confident to cocktail charisma? Let's explore how accessories can help achieve both.

Let's start with a dress in a bold print. This sleeveless fit and flare dress is an easy choice for cocktails or date night. It has a lovely tailored fit and neckline. The 100% cotton fabric makes it lightweight and breathable, and the stretch lining underneath provides a bit of modesty for a professional finish. Fun, flirty and whimsical it will brighten moods wherever you go.

The Peacock Flare Dress by Liv McClintock

To take this into the office let's add some key accessories.

Pick your favorite earring to go with your office up-do. From Left: Exotica Leather Teardrop Earrings, Exotica Multi-strand Chandelier Earrings and Blue-tone Dangle Earring

Unique high-quality accessories are key to making a look serve you well. These items can be paired with solid colors or prints. The advantage of designer collections is that we do the work of matching and coordinating prints for you, allowing you to feel confident that colors will work together in a single look. There is an art to balancing color, texture and print. Designer collections allow you to achieve sophisticated and complex looks without the expenditure of time. Keep this in mind when choosing key accessories such as bags, scarfs, belts or jewelry. Of course the purchase of an entire collection is not always possible or convenient. In fact I encourage customers to build their wardrobe around high quality accessories that will last them a lifetime. Color is timeless and when you are able to utilize a well cared for accessory over decades, you will see it reemerge as a trend again and again. Ultimately you want your entire wardrobe to work hard for you.

Town & Shore Handcrafted Accessories : The Quick Change Capsule

The first item in our capsule is the Anna Bow Pouch. A lightweight clutch bag that can carry your essentials: phone, card wallet, keys, makeup and even a mid-size tablet. Great for running out to to lunch meetups or hanging of your wrist for a night out with friends.

The Anna 3D Bow Pouch is made of durable pebbled grain cowhide. The grain stands up to scratches and is easily cleaned with wipes. This pouch has a padded lining inside to protect sensitive mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, a zip pocket for small items and a card slot to make door key-cards easy to locate

Bow pouch being made in the studio
Finished Inside Card Slot

A tweed jacket is a great way to add new dimension to a dress. Layering in a professional setting is a necessity any time of the year. If you've spent any time in an office environment, especially open-offices, you know all to well the climate battles that emerge can be legendary. Summer tweed or Boucle' (pronounced boo-clay ) are perfect for moving between climates. Boucle' is a variety of tweed fabric (and yarn) that provides you with color, texture and a lightweight hand. High quality boucle' will be a blend of natural fibers such as cotton, linen, silk and cashmere. These fibers are often cross-woven with synthetic fibers such as polyester, modal or nylon.

Collarless French Zip Front Jacket by Liv McClintock in Cotton/Silk/Poly Boucle' and Exotica Multi-strand Chandelier Earrings

The Woven Silk Scarf

Wearing A Scarf with Collarless Jacket - Top: Infinity Wrap, Bottom: French Bow Tie


Well Heeled Touches

Choose your footwear: Left : Bottega Veneta Lido Sandal, Right: Manolo Blahnick Tor Stilletto

A Little Extra

The Kimee Coin Wallet - Coming Soon!



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