Christopher Boone


"Prime numbers are what is left when you have taken all the patterns away. I think prime numbers are like life. They are very logical but you could never work out the rules, even if you spent all your time thinking about them." - Chistopher Boone



Hello. My name is Christopher John Francis Boone and I am fifteen years and three months and two days.I enjoy prime numbers, some people believe that they are confusing when the rule for working them out is actually really simple. I strongly dislike the color yellow and brown. I find people very confusing for two main reasons, one reason is because people can communicate with one another without using any words. For example when people use facial expressions to express something like when you raise an eyebrow and lower the other or when you wink at someone. Another reason I find people confusing is because people often talk using figurative language or to be even more specific, metaphors. For instance 'I laughed my socks off' or 'he was the apple of her day'. The same way I do not understand figurative language I also do not understand jokes. I do not tell jokes. I strongly dislike being touched by anyone no matter who you are.


A very important moment in my life is when I found out my mother is still alive and never died from a heart attack. I remember feeling very sick, and trying to think of an excuse for my dad. The worst part was I couldn't even think of anything because my brain wasn't even working properly. I felt very weird, the room was swinging backward and forward and i could not concentrate on anything.

Then I remember hearing his voice and it sounded like he was far away but in reality he was in the same room as me. He started cussing in a loud voice when suddenly I think he was finally was processing what was happening because he started cussing again but in a faint quiet voice until he just went quiet and did not speak and this went on for a while. He then repeatively apologized while he was crying and said he could not tell me because it would be better if i did not know.

Next my dad told me something I wish he never did. Later that day he told me that he killed Wellington, Mrs. Shears dog. I became so afraid of my own father I figured that the only safe place for me to live was with my non-dead mother in London. So I went to London all by myself even though I was scared to go far places by myself I still remained calm and brave because I had a mission and it was to get to London safely and live with my mom and Mr. Shears.


I have many interests and favorites. I love maths and always practice my maths everyday. I appreciate things a lot more when they are organized. I enjoy prime numbers and the rule to figure them out, it gets more fun the higher the number. I really enjoy the Sherlock Holmes books and films. I look up to Sherlock Holmes because he uses a lot of logic to figure things out, its not that he's really smart its just that he uses a lot more logic than the average person.

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