Harn Museum of Art By: yeyenne telisme

Standing next to a photograph by Rineke Dijkstra who's photography deals with issues of individual and group identity formation.

3. A piece that appealed to me the most is the piece by Rineke Dijkstra. This piece appealed to me because she captured the photograph that portrays issues of individuals and group identity formation. My value is finding beauty where it's not expected. The idea of making something out of obstacles and tribulations is unique and empowering to me. This piece is very simple but with a profound meaning to it.

This art piece is by Agustin Cardenas. He was a son of slaves from the Congo and Senegal.

1.While touring the Harn Museum, I was privileged to see many different sculptures by artists from many different backgrounds. This bronze sculpture is by Agustín Cárdenas Alfonso. This masterpiece is beautifully designed has more to it than just looking at it. Looking further into Agustín’s work, I spotted that he created is work based on images of interaction between people. The way that he can look at people and create such intricate art piece is breathtaking. His art piece allows me to really think beyond just the sculpture but more of how it came to be.

Exploring the drawers
Male Royal Ancestors Mask (Bwoom)

2.Walking through the African tribe part of the museum, I was intrigued by how everything was setup. While playing a video, I was able to walk and fully examine each sculpture. The different colors put together to enforce a concept of the tribe that I have never once considered.

This masterpiece is by Frank Stella. Stella created a series is sculptures named Circuits. Each one named after a city in the Netherlands.

4. This piece represents the good life because it shows a couple embracing each other. This piece evokes the theme of sharing the good life with me. I strongly believe that sharing the good life is important and finding one person to share it with is crucial as well.

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