Winter Thoughts By Pablo

Sitting inside while it's snowing outside
Sipping hot chocolate while snow falls outside
I look outside and see a snowball fight
Its white outside
But I'm still cold inside though
Can't wait for that fat guy that says ho ho ho
How does he get in my house?
I don't have a chimney....
I wonder what my parents got me, maybe some socks...or rocks
Maybe a new top
Yeah....most likely socks
I don't like this weather
Should I go out?
Looks cold outside
Forget it,I'm going to bed
So many random thoughts goin through my head


Created with images by LoggaWiggler - "kermit frog fun" • dfbm - "snow" • Stepheye - "Hot chocolate, Carcassonne" • LoggaWiggler - "kermit frog snow ball" • vagueonthehow - "Snow" • jill111 - "christmas house snowy neighborhood snow" • adrigu - "santa" • Antranias - "log cabin block house forest" • Boccaccio1 - "Snowy House" • - "Rocks" • sebilden - "My own t-shirt design" • Klaise - "socks two grey" • Flikkersteph -4,000,000 views ,thank you! - "snow" • tremaestro - "idea light bulb bright idea" • Cristiana Bardeanu - "Snow" • y2bk - "bed within reach" • PublicDomainPictures - "animal ape black"

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