Megan Brissie '06, '11 Alumni spotlight

By the time Megan Brissie graduated from UC College of Nursing with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, she had a range of nursing experience – from delivering babies in Honduras to working in the UC Medical Center's emergency department.

Megan says her time at the college set the foundation she needed to build a successful career. She went on to earn her Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) from UC College of Nursing and her Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) from the University of North Carolina School of Nursing. She currently works as an acute-care nurse practitioner in neurocritical care for UNC Health Care in Chapel Hill, NC.

As an undergraduate student, Megan chose to participate in a clinical co-op before her fourth year and worked in the UCMC Emergency Department.

“I loved it,” Megan says. Her preceptor taught her “what it meant to think critically, what it meant to provide patient care, what it meant to be an ER nurse.” After she graduated, Megan worked in the UCMC and Christ Hospital emergency departments for five years.

Trip to Honduras

Megan’s fourth-year community health rotation took her to Honduras for two weeks with a handful of nursing students, along with dental and medical students. The group would visit small towns, offering medical care to children and adults of all ages, even delivering babies.

Diseases that typically do not progress in the U.S. were more prevalent. Natives lived in shacks on mountain sides, some with pigs under their beds, “but they were happy,” Megan says. “The patients you came in contact with were so grateful to have any sort of assistance you could provide.” The experience made her appreciate the resources in the U.S. much more.

Looking Ahead

Megan hopes to teach at some point in her career, she says. She already works as an adjunct professor for UC College of Nursing, assisting professors Christine Colella and Kim Mullins with graduate courses in Differential Diagnosis and Clinical Management.

Her best advice for nursing students: make connections, look for opportunities, reach out for resources and have confidence in yourself.

There will be good days and bad days; everyone struggles. But just keep going!
Megan Brissie, Class of 2006 and 2011

Student Patricia Ramirez interviewed alumna Megan Brissie as part of UC College of Nursing's Alumni Discovery Project.

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