Cattle Breed Project Giovanna Castillo -3

Australian Lowline

It was the accidental result of a selective breeding experiment using black Aberdeen Angus cattle at the Agricultural Research Centre of the Department of Agriculture of New South Wales at Trangie.

Coat-solid black, occasionally solid red

Country of origin- Australia

1-The height of a male is 110cm. and the height of a female is 100cm.

2-The Australian Lowline is used for beef. The meat is marbled and tasty.

Dutch Belted

The first importation of Dutch Belted Cattle was by the United States Consul D. H. Haight in 1838. The first importation was made by P.T. Barnum, the great showman in 1840. He was able to secure a few animals for show purposes only by saying that they were to be used principally for exhibition. Barnum’s herd of cattle were exhibited for a couple of years.

Coat- Black or occasionally red with white belt around the middle.

Country of origin- Netherlands

1-Their milk tests 3.5 to 5.5 per cent butter fat making it an ideal drinking milk.

2-Pure Dutch Belted cows must only be bred to pure Dutch Belted bulls.

Belted Galloway

The first Belted Galloways were imported to the United Staes by Harry A. In Pennsylvania in 1950. There have been little importations of the breed since that time but at that time they didn't import many of them.

Coat- white belt and the black coat, which may have a brownish tinge in the summer

Country of origin- Scotland

1- Most visible characteristics are its long hair coat and the broad white belt that completely encircles its body.

2- Male: 1,700 – 2,300 lbs (Adult), Female: 990 – 1,500 lbs (Adult)


The first recorded known thing of Dexters in America is when more than two hundred Dexters were imported to the United States in 1905 through 1915. A lot of them were imported to Elmendorf Farm of Kentucky, Howard Gould of New York, and James J. Hill of Minnesota. In 1917.

Coat- Solid black to Red and some dun (brown). (minor white markings on the belly/udder behind the navel and some white hairs in the tail switch)

Country of origin- Southwestern Ireland

1-Dexters are said to be small, friendly, dual-purpose breed and used for milk and beef.

2-The beef produced by Dexters is well marbled and tends to be darker.


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