Lack of Clean Water in Ghana By tareq

The environmental problem is the lack of clean water in the country of Ghana due to the coups and the corruption the country has, more than 85% of the country today is drinking and using dirty water in their everyday lives. My target is to ensure that Ghana has a normal and stable water supply for their whole population by 2025 so that they can live a happy and normal life.

The causes of this problem are because of the history of coups, corruption, and food shortages, these are the main causes of the water shortages that are occurring in Ghana. The problem this has on the country is because water is one of the most important things a person needs to live, and survive, and the people of Ghana are not getting enough of it. So the population will start to go down drastically because of the deaths people are getting because of the lack of clean water the country has. The economy of the country will also start to go down, because of all the deaths, and the country will become worse and worse day by day.

The evidence that this problem is affecting the country greatly is because of the facts and statistics that are occurring in the country. One example is, children are dying in Ghana before their 5th birthday because of there being very little sanitation due to the lack of clean water. One other statistic is that the people of Ghana are also dying due to the disease they are getting because of their lack of sanitation that they are not getting because of the lack of clean water. The reason I choose this problem and not a different one is because

My plan for this problem is to make a fundraiser/charity that allows people to donate to it the amount of money they choose, the money that the fundraiser collects in the end will go to my company that will help build wells all across Ghana that will have clean water coming out of them. The water will come through from other nearby rural places that have clean water, it will come from pipes that are going to be built from the specific places all the way to Ghana. The money that is then earned from the economy of Ghana will then go to the countries that they receive the water from, they then go into the wells that will be built. My thought for the long and short terms for this project are positive because the amount of wells that will be built will be sufficient and last for a long time. That is my plan.

The reason you should do this is because the people that are dying in Ghana are not less than you or me, and they need help now. So think for a second, would you care to help many people who are just praying to get drops of clean water, or would you leave them to drink dirty and contaminated water and die? Its your choice.

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