Serafina and the Twisted Staff by: Robert Beatty

November 1 - 21 2016 Chapters 1 - 14

So the main character Serafina defeated the man in the black cloak 3 week before this happened. She got told by her Pa that she could see her mother at night. So one night she saw a carriage and she thought "Why is someone here in the middle of the night?'' She saw two men in that carriage and thought who could they be? Then Serafina looked and saw a man with a very long grey beard. A few minutes passed and he stood, he stood in the same spot. A few seconds later he made the most horrifying screech she had ever heard! Then a white barn owl screeched back at him, she was very confused. The man started to walk and while he was walking she noticed that he had 7 vicious dog with him. He showed the dogs a piece of a black cloth and said " smell it, now go get it!" She saw the dog run at her at full speed she tried to run and get out of there way but she could not they were to fast! They cam at her and bite and scrached her multiple times she ran as fast as she could but she tripped and started to roll down a steep hill and landed in the freezing river. The river carried her all the way down until she finally stopped herself and got out she was so cold she did not want to move but she had to she needed to get home to her mom! When she was walking she saw a shadow it was not a human but an animal she wanted to run but she had to see if it was a dog when it got closer she realized it was her mom! She carried her back to the den and put her to bed. The next morning she woke up and her mom was not there! She looked around and saw nothing but a riddle her mom left for her it said "If you need me Winter, Spring, Or Fall come where you climbed and where rain is wall" She did not understand it at all! So, she just kept walking she went to the Biltmore house and saw a strange man with Mr. Vanderbilt and a lady with Braeden!! A few days passed and Serafina had to speak with the detective to talk about the disappearance of Mr. Thorne and when they left Serafina had a subspetion that he was the man she saw a few nights ago.

Question: What is the setting? Cite evidence

The setting is the Biltmore house 1899 and in the woods 1899. To be honest the setting is at the front of the book so I can not cite evidence! ; D

November 21 2016 Chapters 14 - 23

Serafina was wandering in the woods because she was in a a fight with Gidean and he got really hurt so then Braedens friend blamed it on her and said " You do not belong her!!!!". So she went far from the Biltmore and then deep in the forest she was walking she found a hut and went into it and stepped on a dead animal skin and soon noticed the the whole floor had dead animals skins. She went further into the room because she started to hear whimpering and then she found lots of animals trapped!! She let them all free but while she was walking further away she saw someone and she noticed it was the man she got attacked by before!!!!!!!! She saw him and blew something to her the she noticed it was a spell that made her not able to move, her heart was not pumping blood, her lungs would not breath in air she was practically DEAD! Then he came closer to her but she could not move! Then he took her!! She could feel the spell wearing off her. The man was asking her strange questions that she did not want to answer. Serafina did not want to sit there while he was asking these questions to her so she bite him!!! She went flying in the air and landed but the second she landed she ran, she ran for miles until she really needed to find her mom so she thought of the riddle she told her "If you need me, Winter, Spring, or Fall come where what you climbed is floor an rain is wall" so she thought well I climb trees which can be a wood floor and a waterfall can be a wall if there is a cave behind it. So, she went to the waterfall and found a boy not her mom! The boy seemed to know her then Serafina remembered that was the boy who saved her so then she started to calm down a little bit. She still was wondering her where her mom is so she asked the boy he said they where alright!

Question: How would the story or chapter be different if another character was telling the story? Explain using examples from the text.

My character I'm using is the bearded man (he does not have a name yet) I think that it will change because he will be coming to Serafina and is he will have the magic in him and he will make all of the decisions not Serafina. So he will feel the magic and he thought to give it to her. He also had to have the feeling to take her up the hill and talk to her. He could have left her down the hill and made her die but he did not so that could of changed the whole story. He also could have not payed any attention to her and just left.

November 25 2016 Chapters 23 - 25

She saw a hole in the ground and her half sisters and brothers came out. Soon after that Serafina and Waysa went to the water to get clean and Serafina went into the water but she realized that she could NOT swim!!!! So then Waysa went to go help her and then she learned how too swim.

Question: Cite evidence to show that a specific character is changing

Serifina is changing because she has learned how to swim and become smarter with the way she is ii the water. She has never learned how to swim and that can really help her if she had to swim by herself.

November 27 2016 Chapters 25 - 27

Serifina learned many new things about the bearded man. She learned that he is a shiftier and can turn into a owl. Also she had made the decision to go back to the Biltmore house because she thought she did not belong in the wild. When she went to the house she spoke to her pa and then she went to Braeden's room to check on him but when she was hiding in his room she heard a stalker at the door.

Question: locate a sentence word or phrase that persuades.

Waysa said to Serafina " you don't need them!" when she was leaving to go to the Biltmore House. I think this is persuasive because he was saying that she dose not need them and that Serafina can stay with him.

November 28 2016 Chapters 27 - 29

Serafina went and still hid until the stalker was gone but she noticed that it saw the detective! Looking through Braedens stuff! When the detective was gone she went out his room and ran outside to go find him. He was with his "friend'' and she lost her chance to talk to him. then when she noticed they were going into the woods she had to tell him.

Question: What was the main conflict of the story or chapter?

The main conflict is that there is a man in the woods who is a shifter and can change into a owl. He has been controlling all the animals and making them attack people. Serafina has been wondering who that man is and why does he do this stuff.

November 29 2016 Chapters 29 - 31

Serifina went and started to talk to Braeden and she thought if we want to stop this guy the we need a plan. So she gave Rowen, Braeden, and herself a job to do then they heard something. It was the man!!!! she hid all of them and made them stay quiet. He walked right bye them and did not notice it! When he left they ran and went in the house. Braeden did not want to go to eat at the party this night so he asked if he could join Serafina and her Pa. She said it was ok if he came so when he went down her Pa got so organized and make everything look nice for Braeden.

November 30 2016 Chapters 31 - 39

After dinner they went mice catching and they found no mice. But they heard something and they were following the sound. They went to the grand clock and there were tons of mice eating the wires! She saw them and they saw her. They were running too her not running away from her. She ran as fast as they could but there were so many of them she could not outrun them! They decided to glide on the railing of the stairs all the way down to the basement. She looked behind her and they were gone. The next morning she walked by the maid room and Essie saw her she was fixing her hair while they were talking about the detective she said he was staying on the same floor Braedens dog attacked her and the mice attacked her. She was confused. She heard a maid saying the clock stopped and she knew something was wrong. So she went to the roof and saw Braeden, she asked whats wrong and he said the dogs were missing. Mr.Vanderbilt had a team of people go out at midnight to search for the dogs. she led the way until they got closer to the spot and she left to get the dogs by herself. She heard a noise coming it was getting closer. Braeden came from the trees behind her. A few minutes later she saw the man! She felt the spell come back to her. She woke up in a cage next to Braeden and tried to get out but there was no luck. Then she thought and started to make little holes and soon she could get out! But she realized she could not, she was STUCK! Braeden started to make holes just so his arm could get out and pulled Serafina. She got out! They went as fast as they could and got the dogs out and ran! They went back in the house and Serafina wanted to look through the pictures to see if she could find the man and she did!

Question: What do you think is going to happen in the next chapter? Use text evidence to explain how.

I think that Serafina and Braeden will talk to Mr.Olmsted but not get any information out of him. I think this because when he was talking, Serafina saw that he did not laugh of have any feelings so she thought that he had something to do with this whole thing. He always walks with Mr. Vanderbilt and one night she saw him planting trees at night so she got confused and wondered why he was doing that this late.

December 5 2016 Chapters 39 - 52

Mr.Olmsted told them who he is and that he has plans to burn the house down soon so she and Braeden were going to check the detectives room because of what he told her, but only she went into the room. When she went in there he was not there so she was searching and found nothing strange or different about the room. So she looked harder because she needed to find something and she found whetstone which is a tool used to sharpen metal. She heard some noise from outside so she went outside to see what was happening and it was Essie she was looking for her because she sid that braeden said that she got hurt in the woods. she told Essie to get everything flamable out of the house and she ran to get braeden she was too late. He was already in the woods. She ran and saw the man and he was standing there there were snakes right in front of him going up his skin he told Serafina to '' RUN" she thought about that and realized that he was not the man trying to kill her. She stood there until he died then Rowena came and had the twisted staff. Rowena was running to braeden to get him but she ran to her and the battle began. Waysa came when they where almost going to die and he got the staff. He gave it to Serafina and Serafina gave it to Braeden. Rowena came and wanted the stick back so Breaden flung it up in the air and his pet bird got it and kept it. Rowena got so mad she changed into a owl!!! She realized she was the daughter of the man who wanted to burn the place down! She leaped high in the sky and changed into a catamount and killed Rowenas dad. Braedens bird was fighting Rowena and the next thing they heard was a loud screech and they did not see of hear the birds anymore until Braedens bird came down with the sick and they broke it until it was just dust. They went home to the Christmas party and for Christmas she got a beautiful dress. She went and asked Mrs. Vanderbilt if she was ok and she said to not worrie about her. Then Braeden told her she was having a baby!

This is the auther on the left is Serafina and the right is Rowena and in the middle is the auther Robert Beatty
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