California's Long Drought Has Killed 100 Million Trees By Kacey Deamer

Summary of Article: The recent death count found that 62 million trees have died just this year in California, bringing the six-year total to more than 102 million.This is because of 5 years of drought slowly killing off trees in the Californian wilderness. The drought has affected 7.7 million acres of wilderness in California putting the entire regions ecology at risk. The increase in dead trees has lead to a buildup in "fuel" for forest fires. Forest fires are very unpredictable and because of the increase in dying trees there has been a prolonged hotter fire season. USFS scientists said that they expect tree mortality to continue at elevated levels in 2017.The drought conditions, along with a rise in bark beetle infestations and warmer temperatures, led to such historic levels of tree die-off that California Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in October 2015. This drought has caused severe damage to the Californian ecosystem.

Analysis of Article: This article gives an overview of all things plaguing California concerning the drought and how the death of 102 million trees has affected the ecosystem forever. This drought has caused damage to the ecosystem that will take years to reverse and make the ecosystem better again. We need to try to combat the effects of the drought. The drought has completely destroyed trees in the Californian forest. This article gives an overview of the effects that an extended drought can have on a very susceptible area of land. I also realized that while reading this article that many different groups of people recognized that this problem needs to be addressed and I feel that they need to help fix the way in which this drought has affected the ecosystem.

My Takeaway: I feel that this article can teach many people to help the fight to reverse the effects of the drought. I also see that people have recognized that there are many drastic environmental repercussions that have occurred due to the drought, and hopefully I along with others can help figure out how to fix the drought while not hurting any other parts of the environment. I also have realized that lack of water can devastate more than just reservoirs it can destroy the entirety of an ecosystem and all that surrounds it.

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