The answer will tell me the mass of the watermelon and carrots in KG.

I know * Anna bought 9.12 KG of fruit and 7.87 KG of veggies.* She bought 2.7 Kg of apples,1.07 Kg of grapes And in veggies she bought 4.5 Kg of potatoes and 1.12 of zucchini

I know I am correct because the problem says Anna bought 9.12 Kg of fruit and 7.87 of veggies so I added all the fruits and got 3.27 then subtracted 9.12 - 3.27 to = the mass of the watermelon which was 5.35. Then I added the veggies to get 5.62. Next I 7.87 - 5.62 to get the mass of the carrots which was 2.25 I used addition algorithm because I needed the sum of the fruits and veggies and subtraction algorithm to find the weight in Kg of the watermelon and the carrots.

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