The captain By: Jayden Haug

"Oh, Melissa!" The new captain of the Titanic, Edward J. Smith, called as his daughter raced down the steps to hug her dad. It will be the very last time she sees me before my journey across the sea he thought."Hey Dad, Are you leaving so soon? Well I mean to go to the savage Titanic for your new and last job as captain?" She said with some pride,"No, But I wanted to spend the last couple hours with you before I go on that yoke," Melissa was very feek ."Where do you want to go for the day?" Edward questioned,"Hmmmmm, Oh I know, how about we go visit my gaff!" she screamed.

a Gaff.

On the ride Home, Melissa passed out and was asleep from all the fun she was having. So I stopped to have a little bit of scoop. As we came home, I felt a little light headed, so I headed to the scratcher. Tomorrow was a big day, and I was a bit nervous

Today was the big day, and that was the day that I first start my journey on the Titanic. Melissa my wife and I were walking up to the last point so I could say good bye."Goodbye Melissa," I stated with a steady voice,"Goodbye dad," as she reached out to give me a hug, she started crying,"Bye, Edward," My wife said slowly crying and hugging me tightly. "Good bye, Ill be Grand and so will you!" I said happily and sadly. I soon reached up to my quarters and started making myself at home. I then ran up the stairs to the tip top deck where my office was located. I walked forward and rested my hands on the wheel.

I then woke up on April 14, 1912, When I guess I fell asleep on the helm. I quickly go down the stairs to the first class saloon to get breakfast and a little bit to drink. As I finish breakfast, I go back to doing my papers and guiding the boat. It was soon already 4:00 in the afternoon. I soon walked to the Marconi room to deliver my message for the day to my family back in Ireland. After that, it was 6:00 and rushed to get my station on the front deck. Soon everyone was falling asleep, and I checked the time 11:20 Pm." Wow, this day went by faster than I thought, Bill?" But Bill was asleep. I started to go faster which was dangerous but worth the time. Then as I reached down to see a giant iceberg come out of nowhere SCRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! The boat went. I rushed to sound the alarms but people were already freaking out, and the Titanic was starting to sink. I was scared and closed the 3rd class gates to help keep the water from getting to the rest of the boat, but it was already too late. The Titanic was already breaking in half and sinking. I was starting to freak out and ran to the lifeboats. But then I noticed that bills kid or buck was with him in his quarters. This was very clem. The whole front of the ship was on fire in an inferno. I quickly carried both Bill and his son to the life boats and threw them in one. The I quickly filled it with women and children and sent them off with a radio. I soon then rushed to save as many people as possible but then I was hit in the head. People were making raceways and lamping people. The Titanic was hamed and dead.

I was very bate and was thrown around the boat till I was buried in my icy, watery grave. I was thrown off the ship and died from frostbite and pneumonia. I soon was tossed in my Gawk grave as I soon was crushed by a hape of crates and boxes. Most of the people were jammy enough to escape. But the massive ship was soon lost in the ocean waters of the Atlantic. The rest of the people on the Titanic were langers who had no clue what was going on.They were gobeems just to stand there all that time. I was banjaxed and cursed.

1.savage(good)-2.Yoke(Any object)-3.feek(beautiful)-4.Gaff(Horse)-5.scoop(beverage)-6.scratcher(bed)- 7.Grand(fine,ok)-8.Marconi room(wireless telegraphy)-9.clem(bad)-10.Arseways(mess of)-11.lamping(hurt someone)-12.Hamed(ruin or destroy)-13.Bate(exhausted)-14.Gawk(sick)-15.hape(loads)-16.Jammy(lucky)-17.Langers(Drunk)-18.Gobeems(fool) 19.Banjaxed(broken)20.Buck(Boy,man)


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