''The Time Corporation'' Amy Kate Berriman

You are to produce an animated title sequence​ using only assets created in Photoshop for the feature and a hand-coded web page​ to house it along with contextual information. The title sequence will be 20 seconds​ in duration and you will need to storyboard​ your ideas before producing the animation. You must take into consideration the target audience and the concept of genre during the process of stylising visual work.
Your animated title sequence must contain​ the associated information : 1. Title: The Time Corporation, Cast: Simone Parkin, Alex L James, Charlie Nelson.
Where to start?

Here are some of my ideas:

I'm not sure wether to do a show adult and ironic like family guy, Futerarma etc or do a children's TV genre and make it cute and innocent, like in the night garden or PawPatrol.

I want my main character to be a dog. I haven't fully decided on my genre.

These characters above are from adultesent-adult target audiences. Non of these characters looked realistic and most are quite heavily personified. When I tried to draw my character in their theme it looked scary and weird. I do not like these characteristics.
These characters above are from childrens-teen programmes, with Scooby Doo holding the oldest target audience. (not considering the nostalgic audience members of snoopy) I don't like the character I drew because he looked too evil and I just think it was a bad drawing and looks feline. I then tried to draw a pug with Scooby eyes but I again did not like the overall look.
These characters are all for a young child or family audience. I like Disney dogs the most because to me they look more appealing. I also liked my sketch of the character I created which was inspired by them.

Ive decided I really like my character 'Blue'. I chose to base him on a Blue Great Dane so he could have pointy ears and a long nose, like the adult dogs of Disney. Because he's inspired by Disney characters I have decided to do a children's TV title sequence.

I have taken a picture of my drawing and Copied it with the paint brush onto photoshop so that I can had a PSD of my character. I also got a picture of a great dane and looked at their body attributes. I then with the lasso tool, selected the parts of Blue which I wanted to make into vectors, to be able to animate him on After Effects. I have saved him as a PNG file.

After talking to my tutor about my character, I learnt that I need to re-draw my character on Adobe Illustrator because then when I go to scale him or animate him in After Effects he won't be as pixelated. He also said I don't have to vector him and that I could use the puppet tool and gave me a quick tutorial on this.

Blue re-drawn on Illustrator.

I am happy with my main character, I think he looks friendly which is what I wanted for Childrens TV. I also learnt about creative commons and that I wouldn't have to make all my other characters on such a small time scale. However, Ive looked for backgrounds of barns that match this style and I didn't like any that were available so I've decided to make my own backgrounds.

Most Barns are big, red and wooden. I particularly like the others with the rounded roofs.
These are all the layers I have used to create my barn.

I am happy with my barn background and the wooden wall I have made. The next thing to do is download vectors of different animals from creative commons, and then I will begin to animate my sequence.

My chosen Farm Yard Animals
I also downloaded some spy gadgets and added this layers to the characters.

I like how the characters are introduced firstly as normal animals and then are introduced as their job. I think this animation is very catchy, up beat and has a lot of bright colours. This kind of style makes it perfect for my target audience. When I create my story board I would like my animals to jump across the screen.


From my story board I started to create on after effects things which I could do. Here are some screen grabs of my frames and how I came about doing them. I wanted a sunrise in my beginning and a cockerel chirping to set the scene of early morning farm.

I did this by deleting the background layers for the coloured one, making the layers merge and then added the sun vector in the background. When importing this to After Effects, it worked well because the default background is black.

I then followed my story board as closely as I could. I found it hard to animate with puppet tool all my individual animals, and because non of them had vectors I decided to set stopwatches for positions and move them in and out the screen that way. I then instead of moving the animals decided to add a camera in as a zoom effect.

When adding a null object It allows you to control the position of the camera.

I then wanted to introduce Blue walking out of the farm. I came across a problem because I had imported my image as a JPEG so couldn't access the original PSD layers to be able to submerge Blue out of the layers. I went back and corrected my work so that blue came from within the barn.

I stuck to the theme of my story board of having Blue make the sign into 'The Time Corporation' but I did it in a more simplified way where Blue jumps, barks and the sign changes. I then had an idea of going to the next background through a spy glass. I watched the following link (button below) on track mattes allowing me to place a background revealed through the vector. This took a lot of time to work out which layer to link and where to place them.

Background through a spy glass.

I then stuck to my storyboard by revealing the characters as spy animals but because I had already used more then half the time I chose to do it a shorter way and be more punchy with it. I also added the name at the same time on screen as the characters as this gave me some of my time back, instead of doing them separately. Once I had animated Blue it didn't look like an ending, I decided to add in a final title card to give the sequence an official looking ending.

Final Title Card


Created with images by bykst - "magnifying glass lens increase" • designer_doubleM - "hand note memo" • Dalomo - "question mark help symbol" • tpsdave - "wisconsin red barn silo" • tpsdave - "barn sky clouds" • sebilden - "Barn" • snowpeak - "Red Barn" • Warren Brown Photography - "Barn 029"

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