Panda Sushi By: Difan wen

Location and target market

My restaurant will be located at New York City, a busy and affluent city, with people from diverse cultures. My target market is the people with high income about $60,000 or above. (Average Household Income $85,636, Median Household Income: $63,032).



The exterior of my restaurant will be decorated with marbles and some plants. The element of tidiness flows from the exterior to the interior of this restaurant.


Inside my restaurant, an impressive wooden construction will be created, located opposite the panoramic windows, consisting of more than 400 triangles.

Theme and scheme

The theme of my restaurant emphasis on a really unusual, memorable structure and create a relaxing atmospheres for my customers by playing classic piano music.

Flour Plan


The employees in my restaurant will consist about 3 chefs, 1 manager, and 5 waiters. They have to be attentive and have positive attitude toward customers. All the chefs and manager must be professional and well-educated, the waiters must be active and assiduous.

Clothes for male and female

Black and white makes my waiters look more professional , and green is the color of natural, which engenders a quiet and respectful atmosphere in the restaurant.


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