America is Dishonest By: Andrew Jeremy Palma

In 1898 a rebellion against Spanish rule broke out in Havana. The Uss Maine, an American Naval Battleship, was sent to Cuba to protect the interests of Americans. On February 15, 1898, the USS Maine made way into Havana Harbor; strikingly, the Maine mysteriously exploded killing 260 Sailors onboard the ship and sank into the harbor of Havana. Today, no one knows for sure what exactly caused the ship to explode that day. But, on the day of the event an immediate assumption was made that the result of the sinking was do to Spanish treachery, and proprietors of the New York World and The New York Journal - William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer - were already making their way to a new story.
William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer led the Yellow Press and released an exaggerated Newspaper story of the incident, inflaming the American people by using the slogan "Remember the Maine! To hell with Spain!" and stated that the incident was caused by Spanish treachery and also claimed that it indeed was not an accident. This geared the American people to take immediate action.
All who had hunger to take immediate action to the incident were supported by Theodore Roosevelt, Assistant Secretary of the Navy. American newspapers were clearly pushing the nation towards war. Finally, on April 24, 1898, the people got what they wanted and America declared war on Spain all because of a Battleship that mysteriously blew up. And still today, no one knows for sure why the USS Maine blew up.
It is crucial to grab the attention of the people and get them to see the enemy as evil itself. Doing so will create public support, providing a united push to help those at war. Therefore, we have fought against two fronts in every war in American history; at the war zone and the people back home dealing with propaganda. Propaganda plays the role of the poor homeless child sitting on the street asking for money. Although propaganda has helped win wars throughout the decades.

Here are some examples of propoganda from WWI

This propoganda piece says "Lend your five shillings to your country and crush the Germans." During this time, money was another crucial factor to winning a war. Buying war bonds gave money to the government and those in the warzone.

This propoganda piece says "Together we win" as you can see here, the US Navy Sailor and the Soldier/General are locked arms with a worker. At this time, being a worker and making goods and materials does a lot for the country during a time of war.

This propoganda piece says "Attack on all fronts" meaning when our country fights, we all fight. Not meaning literally fighting in the war zone but also back at home buying war bonds and working at the factories making goods and materials for our soldiers.

Each of these examples gear the people to help those at war by exaggerating how the effects may result on you, good or bad. Although propoganda may help on the battlefield, not all propoganda gives out a positive message to simply help our country in the fight. Some propoganda give the people an ugly view of the enemy, using the fear of the people to make them buy war bonds and making women feel as if they MUST work in the factories to help them and themselves.

This Propoganda piece shows the enemy with sharp teeth and nails with a scary face getting ready to take down an innocent woman. It strikes its audience to feel scared or the need to keep women safe. Therefore, buying war bonds to lower the risk of this happening.

This propoganda piece points the viewer out as an individual to make them feel as if they must do whatever the piece says; from buying war bonds or enlisting right away.

This propoganda piece strikes the viewer to feel scared and alarmed and also makes the enemy look like a horrifying beast that can harm you and your family. This pursuades the people to buy war bonds or to enlist.

Despite laws of segregation being illegal in some states during the 1950s, many would not follow these laws and the outcome usually resulted in the "minority" facing the punishment.
Martin Luther King: a devoted black man during the 1950s - 1960s who led large groups of people who wanted to rid segregation amongst the country to protest against segregation using non-violent methods. It was at this time when Plessy v. Ferguson made the law "Seperate but Equal" which made segregation in certain states illegal. But even with laws in place, there were still reports of black people still being treated poorly and getting arrested for usually doing nothing. Soon after, MLK led thousands of nonviolent protesters to the steps of the capitol in Montgomery, Alabama, after a 54 mile march to Alabama, from Salma on March 25, 1965 to enable black voters to register.
During the March, many were brutally beat with batons and sprayed with tear gas; many were still taken to jail after the event even if they didn't do anything. It was very clear that no one at the time cared for these poor souls' well being. Thank god that there was a law to keep something like this from happening. But, even with all of this happening, MLK never gave up.

America can easily be proven to be dishonest, all throughout history it has been seen and written down in the books. We can all see how much we the people have been lied to or pursuaded into doing something we all do not need to be doing.

This poster, made by myself, is a visual representation of Exaggerated Propoganda making the "enemy" seem as if they're evil, Yellow Journalism from the event of the USS Maine exploding just off of the Havana Harbor and the press immediately blames it on the Spanish. And finally the man's face shows to be half black and half white to show that we are all equal, but the white man is about to put duct tape over the black man's mouth, alongside with a law stating that if the president signs, segregation will be illegal but people will still have the same thoughts as before and segregate. This is referring to "Seperate but Equal".
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Andrew Palma

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