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Principal's Pen

Dear Parents and Carers

I look forward to the upcoming ArtNet exhibition in the College starting on the week of 10th September. This annual event attracts hundreds of visitors each evening to celebrate the visual art created by students from Atwell PS, Aubin Grove PS, Beeliar PS, Fremantle Language Centre, Hammond Park PS, Harmony PS, Jandakot PS and Success PS. Also not forgetting the outstanding work of Atwell College visual art students. This year, the event coincides with the Atwell College 10 Year anniversary. Foundation staff and students are being invited back to the College to have an evening where people can catch up and enjoy company with friends and acquaintances 10 years on from the start of the College. Registrations for the evening are available on the College website.

The Minister for Education Ms Sue Ellery made some forthright statements recently regarding physical violence in schools. The Minister’s announcement was timely and was welcomed by schools, teachers and students. Atwell College has adopted the methods and penalties as suggested by the Minister for several years as part of dealing with violent behaviour when the issues appear. The College has a zero tolerance approach for acts of violence for all students. Students in years 9 through to 12 usually receive a fixed penalty for any of these type of incidents. Younger students also receive similar penalties with more flexibility available in the early years due to student maturation and students learning to understand responsibility. The issue of filming acts of violence was also stated by the Minister. Students at Atwell College are allowed to use devices during break times. However, if students are caught filming, an act of violence then penalties will apply to those students. I make no apology for the manner in which the College supports the view of the Minister and the Education Department and I am happy to discuss this with members of the community if that is the wish.

Finally I wish all Year 12 students well in their last full term of education in Atwell College. The time will pass quickly for the students and before long, farewell events will be taking place.

Important Upcoming Dates
Upcoming events to mark down in your diary
2019 Year 7 Enrolments

Please be informed that the closing date for enrolments for Year 7 admissions into the college in 2019 is Friday 21st September. This will assist us in our organisation and planning of the Orientation Day on Friday 30th November and the timetabling of classes for 2019.

Notice of Withdrawal from College

For the purpose of planning for our staff resourcing and class timetabling, it would be most appreciated if all parents and carers can advise the College as soon as possible if you are withdrawing your child and that your child will not be returning to Atwell College at the start of Term 1 next year.

In addition, kindly inform the College if there is a change in your forwarding address so that all mails can be redirected to the new address. Thank you for your cooperation.

Mobile Phone Policy

We wish to remind all students that it is a policy of the College that all students are required to have their mobile phones turned off and put away in the bags during class. As such, we seek the understanding and support of all parents and carers not to contact their children during class time. Please call the Student Services if you urgently need to contact your child. Thank you for your cooperation.

Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up Points

In order to keep students safe and traffic flowing, please be reminded that parking and student drop off and/ or pick up in the staff carpark near the Main Administration building of the College is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our students safe.


We have received a number of queries from parents relating to not receiving or not being able to find emails sent through Consent2Go.

We’ve found that these emails tend to go into Junk/ SPAM/ Promotion folders using free web-based email services such as hotmail, gmail and yahoo. Please add admin@mcbschools.com to your email contacts to ensure that emails sent through Consent2Go are accepted into your email inbox.

Feel free to contact consent2go.com for further assistance if required. Thank you.

A Note from the School Nurse

A reminder to all parents that if your child has a change in their medical status or they are newly diagnosed with a medical condition (including but not limited to asthma, allergies, epilepsy, diabetes), it is imperative that you let the school know as soon as you can. It is important that we at the school know what is happening so we are better able to assist your child with any medical needs they may have.

If you have any queries regarding this issue or would like to let us know of any changes to your child’s medical status, please contact our school nurses via Student Services (Pauline Arnold – Tuesday to Friday or Karen Penny - Monday).

Pauline Arnold, Karen Penny -School Nurses

Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) for School Students with Disability

All schools in Australia, including Independent and Catholic schools, will participate in the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) on School Students with Disability every year.

The Data Collection is an annual count of the number of students with disability receiving educational adjustments to support their participation in education on the same basis as students without disability.

All education agencies are now required under the Australian Education Regulation 2013 to provide information on a student's level of education, disability and level of adjustment to the Australian Government Department of Education. Data will continue to be de-identified prior to its transfer and no student’s identity will be provided to the Australian Government Department of Education.

The collection of this information from states and territories will inform future policy and program planning in relation to students with disability.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our College principal Mr. Noel Woodley on 6174 2200 or the Western Australian Department of Education NCCD Helpline on 0477 741 598.

Year 9 and Year 10 Course Selections for 2019

Current Year 8 and Year 9 2018 students will be carrying out elective selections in week 5 of term 3 2018. Students at Atwell College will select subjects for 2019 using the Subject Selection Online (SSO) website. The SSO website will be open from 4pm Monday 13th August to 4pm Monday 20th August.

To log into SSO, the USER NAME is the 8 digit student number found on the student report and the PASSWORD is 1234. Please refer to the email that was sent out on Thursday 9th August for more detailed instructions. Thank you.

School Stream Update

There will be a School Stream update scheduled for release on the Apple and Google Play Store this week. Please check that you update the app when it’s released. You can even set your phone’s app updates to automatic.

Refer here to instructions for the Apple App Store https://goo.gl/mvC9as and the Google Play Store https://goo.gl/XCgkL1.

To get the most out of the app features, we do recommend creating an account so that you can easily manage the content Atwell College sends through.

To create an account, go to the side menu via the top-left corner and click on "Log-in". This is a quick and easy process that will require your first and last name, and a mobile number, email, or Facebook account authorisation.

Once you have created your account, you will be able to access all of the new app features which will be highlighted in the welcome video.

CCEN Science Exhibition

In conjunction with the National Science Week Challenge 11th-18th August, primary and high school students from the Cockburn Central Education (Science) Network (CCEN) will showcase their “game changers and change makers” science discoveries in the College staffroom on this Wednesday 15th August from 3 to 5pm. All parents, students and teachers in the network are most welcomed to come and have a look at the amazing work that the students have done in completing the winning entries for the National Science Week Challenge and discuss the events and discoveries that have shaped science. We hope to see you then!


CCEN Science Week Challenge 2018

Russell Dymock, AEP Coordinator

YOH Festival 2018

The Act-Belong-Commit YOH Festival was established in Mandurah WA in 1988 to equip local young people in making positive lifestyle choices and to build self-confidence and leadership skills. Now, YOH Fest has grown into one of Australia’s largest celebrations of youth creativity and is a leading forum for health promotion. YOH Fest has empowered thousands of young people across WA and the NT to share their stories on the issues most relevant to them through drama, dance or visual art. YOH Fest is run by young people for young people. This ensures that YOH Fest focuses on what matters to young people in the festival and their community.

THE 2018 YOH Fest theme is ‘PUSHED TO THE LIMIT’. Everything and everybody has a limit. Relationships, the environment, comfort zones... the list is endless. Sometimes it is good to push the boundaries but what happens when we go so far that a breakdown occurs? Will this lack of care catch up to us?

This year, the Atwell College Dance Club students will perform their piece called ‘The Weight of Burden’ at YOH Fest on Tuesday 4th September at 6:30pm. Tickets will be available to purchase soon at www.manpac.com.au. For more information, please email David.Mueller@education.wa.edu.au.

David Mueller, Dance Teacher

ArtNet Exhibition 2018

Atwell College, in partnership with Atwell Primary School, Aubin Grove PS, Beeliar PS, Fremantle Language Centre, Hammond Park PS, Harmony PS, Jandakot PS & Success PS, would like to invite everyone to join the teachers of ArtNet in viewing the students' art works focusing on this years theme "Art Now”. Performances are held concurrently each night.

ArtNet 2019

An outline of the events showcase is as follows:

Monday 10th September 6:30pm – Atwell College PAC

Girl and Boy meet. Girl and Boy fall in love. Girl loses boy when a mischievous fairy sprinkles love "juice" on boy's eyelids, making him fall for another girl. Will they get back together?

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a Shakespearean romantic-comedy full of laughs and more than a little (fairy) magic! Come watch the Year 11 Drama class take on one of Shakespeare’s most enduring comedies. Be quick, tickets will sell fast!

Tickets $5, book at: www.Trybooking.com/WSOT

Tuesday 11th September 6:30pm – Atwell College PAC

Dance students from years 7-12 will be performing their work from 2018. The night will include class dances plus student devised works. Performances will span a range of genres and styles and will showcase students’ creativity, talent and hard work. There will be limited tickets available so please book early to avoid missing out!

Tickets $10, book at: www.Trybooking.com/WSOT

Wednesday 12th September 6:00pm – Atwell College PAC

A Factor- See the talent we have in our college and partner primary schools! As part of our annual A Factor Talent show, we are again including students in years 5 and 6 from our partner primary schools who have participated in the AZCE course. Great entertainment and prizes to be won!

Tickets are free, but please book at: www.Trybooking.com/WSOT

We are now auditioning for stars with The A Factor

Thursday 13th September – Atwell College PAC

ArtNet 2018 with the focus on Art Now will be our students’ opportunity to show all the artworks they have created over the year through the range of arts courses that we offer at the College. Works will include Visual Arts, Photography & Media and exhibits how creative our students are and their high level of skill. Expect to be amazed by the range of different artworks our Atwell College community creates. Atwell College students and parents are invited to attend the exhibition on Thursday 13th September from 5:30pm – 8:00pm.

The Atwell College Guitar Ensemble are passionate players who know how to entertain the crowds. They have performed at school assemblies and previous ArtNet Exhibitions. This year, they have also participated in the Guitar Ensemble Festival. Certainly a well-rehearsed and enjoyable group to listen to.

The Year 12 Materials, Deign and Technology Textiles class will be showcasing their amazing designs and talents with a fashion parade held during ArtNet. The parade, beginning at 7:00pm in the PAC Theatre, will be accompanied by fashion and textile students from all year groups who will display the items they have proudly produced.

We look forward to see you there.

Kate Linton, Head of Learning Area, The Arts

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is now open. Students are taking the opportunity to catch up with friends while enjoying a healthy breakfast.

Our College Breakfast Club operates from 8am every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday outside B Block.

Atwell College acknowledges and appreciates the kind sponsorship from Brunbys (Leeming), Foodbank, Tina Ackroyd and Tony Ale (Cockburn Central). We thank them for their generosity.

Students enjoying the morning breakfast

Glendah Migro, Student Services Coordinator

Library Term 3 Update

Did you know people who read books for 30 minutes a day live 2 years longer than people who don’t? (University of Michigan Health and Retirement Study, 2016)

Students have been loving the new library space and collections since we reopened in Term 2. Come in before school or lunchtime, it’s always full and sometimes hard to find a seat! Library staff encourage all students to loan books and read for pleasure. With a completely new library collection, there are no excuses at all now and no matter what your genre or interest is, we can help you choose a title suited to your taste. Don’t forget about our extensive eBook collection as well (over 1600 hundred titles) available for loan at http://atwellcollege.wheelers.co.

Sometimes students tell us they can’t “get into” a book so why not try our magazines, manga or graphic novels instead!

There will be displays going up in the library over the next few weeks to celebrate the following:

  • Science Week 11-19 August 2018
  • Children's Book Week 18-24 August 2018

Year 12 students – Outstanding library loans

Please note all Year 12 students will need to return any outstanding library loans and English class set novels prior to departure from the College to avoid payment for books. All Year 12 students need to get their clearance forms signed off by the library staff prior to graduation.

Overdue library books

Please remember to return your library books on time and in good condition. Have a look at home if you are having trouble locating your book to avoid payment. All of our books are new and in pristine condition so please take good care of them, avoid food and drink spills. Note that we do require payment if books are returned damaged.

Library Activities

Don’t forget to join Ms Reddall in the viewing room for Yoga and Mindfulness during lunchtime every Monday and Tuesday respectively.

Students having fun with craft and games during lunch at the library

SmartRider Cards

A reminder to all students that you will need to come to the library in person to collect if you order a SmartRider card. Card collection is the student’s responsibility. Allow 5 working days for cards to arrive from date of ordering.

If you are looking for a space at school where you can relax, chill out, imagine, play games, do research, study, create or expand your mind in beautiful surroundings, the library is the place to be!

Our students love chilling out at the library

We look forward to see you there!

Nicole McDonagh and Maree de Haas, Library Officers

Expression of Interest 2019 (Years 7 to 10) Netball Specialist Program

Trials for Year 6 students who have applied to enrol into the NSP program for Year 7 2019 are now closed.

For students in Years 7-10 (2018) who are interested in joining the program for 2019, please check out our College website for the EOI form.


Positions in any of the 2018 NSP classes are now closed; however Expressions of Interest will be accepted for any new student applications. Trials for these applications will be conducted either at the end of Term 4 or in Term 1of each school year.

Sharon Dawson, NSP Coordinator

Nepal 2019 Expedition

Home to the world's higest mountain, Mount Everest, Nepal has long been considered an outstanding country to enjoy trekking. The rich Hindu and Buddhist culture, the open friendliness of the people, the fairytale suspension bridges and the wonderful handycraft markets make Nepal an awe-inspricing Expedition destination.

Students get to explore, trek and stay in local villages while engaging in worthy projects to support the local Tibetan and Sherpa communities.

If your child wants to experience this Once In A Lifetime opportunity and be a part of the Atwell College 2019 Nepal Expedition team, please complete the application form and transfer the deposit to Antipodeans by this Wednesday, 15th August. For more information, please contact Neil Ingram at neil.ingram@education.wa.edu.au.

Neil Ingram, Science Teacher

VacSwim 2018/2019

With swimming pools and beaches a big part of the Western Australian lifestyle, ensuring your children can swim competently and safely is essential.

You can now enrol your children in VacSwim swimming lessons during the October and December/January school holidays.

VacSwim is for all children - from beginners to more advanced swimmers and young people doing their Bronze Medallion. Your children can start as young as five years old. Your children can join in the fun of learning to swim at pools and open water venues across the State.

Enrol your children in VacSwim now at education.wa.edu.au/swimming

Enrol now for VacSwim Oct 2018
Our Students (and Staff) Make Us Proud!

A Thank You letter to George Rumble, Bryce Dibb and Brock Morgan

Hi there. I just thought I'd send an email of thanks to your students! My young son Charlie, after enjoying the slopes of Mt.Bulla for a few days, really wanted to develop his independence by riding the ski lift alone. He asked me if I'd be ok with him having a 'grown up' turn. After going through the normal adult ritual of explaining the hazards and setting the ground rules - away he went filled with nervous excitement. I meanwhile wandered up the mountain to keep an eye out for him. Charlie was lucky enough to end up with this crew (photos attached)! Their care and guidance for Charlie was awesome and a credit to themselves, their parents and your college - what great kids! I continued to watch as Charlie went up and down and noticed, not only on the lifts but also on the slopes, your guys respecting and watching out for all the 'little guys'. Please thank your students and know that they are an absolute credit to you. For Charlie's final day up at Mt Bulla, and his day of independence, he couldn't have had a better experience.

Kindest regards, Rachel Harrison (Wandin-Melbourne)

P.S - Apparently the guy in the middle is named George - and Charlie would like you to pass on a hello to him and to them all!

Charlie and our students Bryce, George and Brock

Our Sports Champions on the Court - Abby, Katie and Taryn

Atwell College congratulates our staff members Taryn Smith (coach), Katie Swetman (Manager) and student Abbey Hicks, for their outstanding performance making into the semi-finals of the National School Girls 15 and Under Netball Championships held in Melbourne.

Abby was also selected to represent Australia in the Australian Squad that will compete against New Zealand next year.

Congratulations Abby, Taryn and Katie!!!

Abby, Katie and Taryn with their netball squad at the recent National Netball Championships in Melbourne

Little Athletes - Amber, Lochlan, Maddison and Tiana

4 students from Atwell College competed at the 26th SSSC-LAWA-MSSM U14 & U15 International Athletics Championship 2018 held in Singapore on 11 & 12 July.

Our Year 9 students Maddison Gray, Amber Lawless and Tiana Laing and Year 10 Lochlan Bloomer represented the Little Athletics WA team and competed against Singapore and Malaysia.

Our students had a great trip in Singapore; they were all winners in their events and came away with outstanding results.

Maddison: 1500m Walk (Bronze)

Amber: Discus (Gold), Javelin (5th) and Shot Put (Gold)

Tiana: 800m run (Gold), 1500 m run (4th) and 4 x 400m relay (Gold)

Lochlan: 200m Hurdles (5th), 100m Hurdles (6th), High Jump (5th), 400m Relay

Congratulations and well done!

Maddison, Amber, Lochlan and Tiana - Winners One and All!

Adventurer - Leigh Wharepapa

In term 2, our Year 11 student Leigh Wharepapa attended a career expo at the Perth Convention Centre, along with other year 11 Career and Enterprise students. She was fortunate enough to win a seven-day adventure on the Leeuwin Voyage. The ship sailed from Geraldton to the Port of Fremantle. Whilst on board, Leigh engaged in various activities including sailing the boat, steering, heaving the ropes, setting the sails, scrubbing the decks, washing dishes and other kitchen duties. While the tour was hard work, it is an adventure that Leigh will never forget and is pleased that she was able to participate in a Once in a Lifetime adventure.

Photos from Leeuwin Ocean Adventure website
Outstanding Sporting Achievements

Netball Specialist Program Update

Congratulations to all of our students in the Yr 8 Netball Specialist Program - FANTASTIC participation, effort and winning results at the Zone carnival on Friday 10th August.

8.3 Team Premiership Winners of C1 division!

8.2 Team Premiership Winners of A2 division!

8.1 Team 3rd overall in A1 division.

A big well deserved thank you to the Yr 10 NSP students and staff who helped coached the Year 8 girls and umpired during the matches. Well done everyone!

One of our winning Year 8 teams at the Netball Lightning Carnival

Special mention goes to our 10.1 team as the girls played very competitive netball, making their way through to the Qualifying Final undefeated. In a goal for goal game against Churchlands SHS, the Year 10 team unfortunately didn’t get across the line going down by only 3 goals at the final hurdle.

Our oustatnding players from Team 10.1

Well done to all our NSP players and staff on their great effort and teamwork! Once again, they have proven that our players have the ability to compete under pressure and give their best at all times too!

Sharon Dawson, NSP Coordinator and Coach

Rugby League Specialist Program Update

The Year 8 Rugby League Specialist Program had the opportunity to play a game against the Under 12’s State team on Monday 30th July. This match was organised to assist the Western Australian Under 12’s State team in their preparations for the National Championships to be held in Adelaide in August.

Despite competing against a younger opposition team, our Year 8 team played an extremely well rounded game and managed to have a fantastic win. The Year 8s will now turn their focus back to preparing for the Struddy’s Cup Competition.

Our Year 8 boys exhilirated after their winning game against the Under 12 state team

Our Years 9 and 10 girls also had their first Rugby League game against Butler College on Monday 30th July. The girls did a great job especially since most of them are playing their first contact game. We were lucky to get one of our very own WA players Anneka Taia-Stephens who has made it to the first ever Women’s NRL Competition playing for the St. George Illawarra Dragons. She watched the girls’ game and was very impressed with how much the game is growing and spoke to the girls, telling them they did so well and to continue playing the game. Our College girls learnt a lot and are extremely excited for the games and carnivals that are coming up throughout the rest of the year.

Our Year 9 & 10 girls after their first Rugby League game, with opposing team from Butler College

Michaela Turner-Wallace, Health and Physcial Education Teacher

News from the AVET Room

The Alternative Vocational Educational and Training Program (AVET) is an integral part of the Senior Education Support Program at Atwell College. The main aim and purpose of the program is to develop skills for work.

The AVET program equips students with information to make informed choices about learning and work and helping to identify future goals and opportunities, e.g. Personal Centred Planning sessions (PCP). Work Preparation programs such as ASDAN Workright and Authority Developed Workplace Learning (ADWPL).

Workplace Learning and TAFE exposes students to life outside of school which further encourages individuals to make decisions based on their prior learning experiences.

It is a team effort involving many teaching and support staff that encourages students to connect, engage and look to future learning and life opportunities.

Photos of some students during their Workplace Learning

Michael Hildebrandt, AVET Coordinator and Workplace Learning Teacher

News from the Home Economics Room

The Years 11 & 12 Certificate II Hospitality students have been very busy catering for a variety of functions while learning and developing many new skills. The students have prepared and served meals to school staff during parent/teacher evenings in a restaurant style setting, organised and managed a successful school-based café whilst developing their barista skills, and successfully catered for an event hosted by the Home Economics Institute of WA at Edith Cowan University Mt Lawley Campus, where they prepared and served a variety of canapes to dignitaries and invited guests.

Students serving up a feast at the Parent Teacher Evening and ECU event

Students also enjoyed being involved in a seafood workshop with the SmartFish program organised by the WA Fisheries Department where they prepared a seafood dish under the guidance of a qualified chef. These opportunities have been invaluable in allowing the students to develop and demonstrate their skills and increase confidence in real life experiences.

Students preparing their seafood dish

Food classes in Home Economics were involved in the NAIDOC Week celebrations by learning about the Indigenous culture and incorporating bush spices and bush cooking into the learning program. The NAIDOC theme is also being carried out throughout Textiles and Childcare classes. It is our intention that students gain an understanding and appreciation for the culture.

The staff of the Technologies Department would like to sincerely thank Linda Potter for her generous donation of an industrial sewing machine with numerous accessories. The textiles students have been excited to use the machine for the production of garments being designed for the upcoming fashion parade being held during the ArtNet celebrations.

Students using the sewing machine to create garments

Year 9 Fashion students were introduced to their course with a fun design activity where they worked collaboratively in a team to design and produce a newspaper garment and then evaluate their overall process in a fashion show to the class.

Year 9 students and their beautiful newspaper dresses

Technologies subjects allow for inclusivity of Ed Support students in order to assist them in developing life skills and working collaboratively with other students. These students have enjoyed the classes and had fun using the electronic pasta machine and learning about preservation, packaging and sustainability.

Dylan having a go at using the electric pasta machine

Year 12 CFC student Abbey Vaughan successfully completed her recent care package task by displaying compassion, diligence and determination. She managed to collect an impressive array of donated items for the Not-For-Profit organisation, Parkerville Children and Youth care, coordinating the entire project herself. Abbey is grateful for the generosity of her family, friends and work place, as their kind donations have enabled her to deliver several packages that will make some foster children's lives a little bit brighter. Abbey should feel very proud of her achievements.

Abbey with all the generous donations she has collected

Lana Tonkin, Home Economics Teacher

News from the STEM room

STEM Lab Fit-Out

The fit-out of our dedicated STEM Lab continues this week with the installation of our new laser-cutter. This will come on-line in the next few weeks as the 3D printers are installed.

First Lego League (FLL)

First Lego League resumed for students in week 3 of this term. Congratulations to the students who have been chosen to represent Atwell College Zone schools. There will be four Year 5/6 teams from mixed primary schools as well as two teams from Year 7/8 and two teams from Year 9. Teams are currently working on the project component of the competition until official competition kits arrive in mid-late August.

A special mention to our Year 9 student mentors who are doing a fantastic job working on their own projects whilst guiding the younger students.

Code Combat

Congratulations to our Education Support students Ella Gianoli and Arian Rojo who were this week presented with certificates by Associate Principal Brendon Bleakley for completing CodeCombat. CodeCombat is a multiplayer live coding strategy game which teaches users the Python and JavaScript coding languages. Ella and Arian have made fantastic progress this year and we look forward to seeing the work they produce as they continue to pursue their interest in coding.

Erin Nicol, STEM Coordinator & Maths Teacher

PBS Zeus Fun Afternoon

Congratulations to House Zeus! Year 7-9 Zeus were able to participate in a rewards afternoon on Tuesday 7th August after being awarded the most house points in Term 2. These were awarded for displaying the College values – Respect, Responsibility, Self-Motivation and Being Considerate. Students had numerous activities to pick from including Zorb soccer games to video and board games in a classroom. It was great to see the students enjoying themselves after all their efforts in Term 2.

Good luck to all four houses in Term 3.

Zeus House students enjoying a fun afternoon of sports and games

Michaela Turner-Wallace, Health and Physcial Education Teacher

Ed Support Fire Safety Education

A big thanks to the firefighters from Success Fire Station for sharing important fire safety messages and showing our students the firefighting equipment on Monday 6th August. Indeed a fun activity with an important message for everyone involved.

Our students learning more about fire safety whilst having some fun

Brendon Bleakley, Associate Principal

2019 Student Senate Elections

Wednesday 1st August saw our Year 11 cohort dip their toes into the democratic process at the elections for our 2019 Student Senate. The Student Senate is an important part of the College, making this short election cycle an important experience for our Year 11s. We had 14 nominees, representing all of the Year 11 pathways (ATAR, VET, General, and Ed Support) and it was great to see so many students interested in becoming a part of next year’s student leadership team.

The votes have been tallied and we are pleased to announce our 2019 Atwell College Student Senate team

Our 2019 Student Senate team

I am looking forward to working with this team over the course of the next 18 months and eagerly anticipate the results of our hard work.

Our senate nominees making their speeches and students casting their votes

Steve Francis, Year 11 Coordinator

Year 11 Alcoa Bauxite Mine Excursion

On Friday 27th July, ATAR Geography students attended Alcoa's Huntly bauxite mine near Pinjarra. Students learnt about the bauxite mining process and how bauxite is refined into alumina to produce aluminium. They also discussed the global networks Alcoa has around the world and the changes in the spatial distribution and consumption of bauxite. Although the mine site roads were wet and muddy during our visit, we managed to gain access to the control room, watch the crushing of bauxite and visit mine-site areas currently under rehabilitation.

Alcoa Bauxite Mine Visit

Gemma Garbutt, Geography Teacher

Year 8 Kings Park Excursion

On Wednesday 18th July, Year 8 students in the Academic Extension Program for Science and HASS attended a cross-curricular excursion to Kings Park. Students engaged in a number of activities run by the Kings Park Education Centre to complement their Biology and Geography studies for the year. Students completed an orienteering course which required them to use maps and a compass to navigate their way to checkpoints throughout Kings Park. They also undertook Science fieldwork, collecting seeds to be stored and catalogued. They learnt about the importance of ensuring the biodiversity of flora is managed throughout the park. Students behaved impeccably throughout the day and all thoroughly enjoyed working in an outdoor classroom.

Janine Daniel, Teagan Kavanagh, Gemma Garbutt and Ben Curtis - Science Teachers

2018 Melbourne Ski Trip

Over the first week of the Term 2 school holidays from 29th June to 6th July, 23 of our Year 11 and Year 12 students flew to Victoria to experience Melbourne and the ski slopes of Mount Buller. The group was very lucky to see Carlton and Port Adelaide play at the MCG in the wet Melbourne weather after some sightseeing and shopping. Thereafter, the group of mostly first time skiers and snow boarders spent five, mostly clear, days on the slopes of Mount Buller and were treated to some brilliant snow and stacks.

The annual trip allowed the Year 11s and 12s to meet some new people and enjoy home-style warm breakfasts and dinners that definitely kept everyone going throughout the week. Students were provided with lessons for all ability groups each morning before being let free in the afternoon to explore the ski trails in groups. It was a great week for those who were returning to the snow or for those experiencing it for the first time!

For those interested, we will start to promote the 2019 Trip to current Year 10 and Year 11 students during the second half of Term 3 so stay tuned!

Skiing on the white snowy slopes of Mount Buller

Daniel Bruce, HASS Teacher

Courtroom in Class

Billy Jones, a 15-year-old boy was convicted of 17-year-old Harry Smith's murder on the 21st of February 1844. The crime was committed at the Smith family farm; Foggerty's Farm, Dandalup, in Perth, Western Australia. Harry suffered a fatal head wound, believed to be caused by an axe, in his sleep. In 1844, Billy was found guilty and hanged. There was no formal evidence, and the case was solved by witness reports only.

On Wednesday 27th June, the Year 8.1 Humanities and Social Sciences class retrialled Billy Jones in modern day Australian government to see if the result would be different.

After much cross examinations of the witnesses by both the Defence and the Prosectuor, the Jury deliberated and came to a decision finding Billy Jones not guilty of the murder of Harry Smith and to be free of all charges.

Retrial in a modern courtroom
Year 7 Camp

Last term, our Year 7 students went to Forest Edge Recreation Camp in Waroona from 13th-15th June. The students were encouraged to push the limits and get out of their comfort zone, which everyone did. Activities included abseiling, wall climbing, target shooting, flying fox, leap of faith, spider web and a bush walk that ended with a messy mud fight. All the activities had some form of teamwork and many friendships were made. A big thank you to the staff involved and I applaud the students for their fantastic behaviour.

Year 7 students at Forest Edge Recreation Camp, Waroona

Michael Guthrie, Year 7 Coordinator

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