A Little Angel The story of Stephanie Balderrama-Arroyo

Stephanie Balderrama-Arroyo: Born September 13, 2004

Her brother Michael would always be by her side. He protected her. Michael was the best big brother to Stephanie.

She was a momma's girl. Her mom was her best friend. They did everything together.

She always kept a smile on her face. She was a trouble maker and had a quirky sense of humor.
Uncle Daniel always worked hard to provide them with the best life had to offer, but he was never really there.

He was a very busy man. He was invested in his job.

She was so full of life even with all the chaos around her.
The morning of March 31, 2015. She was in very critical condition. The doctors were giving her very little chances of survival. She suffered severe brain damage and multiple rib fractures.

She was alive because of all the machines the doctors connected her to. Her chest rose and fell as if she were breathing even though the machines were breathing for her. There was still hope.

She fought until her body couldn't fight anymore. On April 4, 2015 Stephanie let go and passed onto a better life.
It was a hard time for everyone in the family. Everything just happened so quickly.
Aunt Mary and uncle Daniel decided it was best if they parted ways. The loss was too hard and aunt Mary had too much resentment towards her husband.
Things were especially hard on Michael. He lost his sister. His best friend. Uncle Daniel became more involved in his son's life after the loss of his daughter. Michael had his father in his life now, but things were never going to be the same.
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kristi guerrero

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