Imperialism By: Travers Tristan Lujan

What is Imperialism?

Imperialism is when a bigger emperor taking over smaller emperors.

Example 1:France


France imperialized

Algeria,French West Africa and Togoland and has been 1885-1914 imperialized for long time but it has been for years when these guys wanted to free from them because at the end of 1914. They gained their freedom back when they gained and really not imperialized. They had a lot of Goods when they were at these countries.Some of the resources was gold, uranium, copper, and iron ore.

Example 2 :Portugal


Portugal imperialized a lot of countries but were broken due to gain of freedom.Brazil and Angola, and they were the ones that gained they're when Portugal really let go and didn't really let go lost their imperialized.Some of the Resources were oil and diamonds.

Example #3:Italy


Ethiopia, Somalia ,and Libya, They were imperialized by Italy and they were imperialized in the 19th century.They had a lot of natural resources that Italy wanted to take back to their country.These resources improved their technology and it was consider a good move that Italy made.The resources were gold and Uranium, gold, oil , and gas productions.

Example #4:Germany


Germany imperialized Cameroon, Tanzania, Uganda, and Namibia. In the Pacific, Papua New Guinea, Nauru and the Solomon Islands.Germany has gotten so much resources from this time.They earned oil, gold, diamonds, copper, and uranium.


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