Small Drawings in Small Frames Made from Re-Purposed Paper by Martsolf Design

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I make these drawings using re-purposed Autoclave Test Kits. I know some people in Medicine and they use these test kits (pictured below) every morning to test if the autoclave is running well. The test consists of 10 sheets of an absorbent matte paper with a heat sensitive sheet in the middle that is the actual test. The sheet comes out after it is autoclaved, and the 10 sheets of awesome paper are thrown away! I found that such a waste so I asked if they could save them for me and started drawing on them. Some friends liked them, so I framed a few, wrapped them up, and they loved it, as a little piece of original pen and ink with colored pencil drawings. Great for a space that needs a bit of color. People say they tend to end up hanging on bathroom walls a great deal. I don't mind a bit...

The Autoclave Test pack
A stack of the "throw away" really nice paper.

What follows are a selection of the drawings on that paper, in the frames with 3 or so views of each. I do custom drawings as well...at least in a color you may want more than another. You can also click on each pic and it will do something.

Small Drawings In Small Frames

Octo-Red ... in Green
Space Rings 1
Blue Beginnings
Weather in Blue
Good to be Green
Basket Planets
Beach Bird
Space Rings 2

...and to break it up a little...."L" is being made here for the Ancient Alphabet Series....

The Message
Weather Four
Feed us All
The Wave
Space Rings 3
Maze of Blue
Tall Pieces
The Rings of Pink
Deep Green
Yellow Flight
Break!! How the pics become pics...
City Blue

The Ancient Alphabet Series

Long ago and not well remembered, Our English language characters were found, all 26 of them, high on a number of mountaintops, carved in stone and erected some 30,000 years ago (?) by the Founders of our Planet (at least the English speaking ones..). I have commemorated this amazing find in this Ancient Alphabet series. Now you too, can have your family's Initial, depicted as the Ancients meant them to be...hand drawn from memory and nicely framed. Don't forget.... the same re-purposed paper was used as well. Just think...You'll be helping the environment by getting it out of the trash and onto your walls.

Letters can be combined into one drawing...if you can't leave your first name's initial out!

Some combos too!

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