Leonardo DaVinci A renAissance man

Leonardo Da-biography

Born on April 15th, 1452 in Vinci, Italy, a true renaissance man was born. Throughout his life, Leonardo established a lasting legacy through his works in science, nature, and the arts, and even giving us what we now call the golden ratio. (The fibbonachi sequence)

Golden Ratio

Leonardo Da-Accomplishments

Leonardo DaVinci provided great advancements into the worlds of art, literature, and science. Many are known widely throughout modern society with examples such as the Mona Lisa, the Virtuan Man, and The Last Supper. He was the ideal example of the essence of renaissance

Leonardo Da-Connecton

Leonardo DaVinci is known as the renaissance man and that is with good reason. His studies in art, science and philosophy embody what our society today recognizes as renaissance. We see the renaissance as a time of great advancements in the arts and sciences and DaVinci was a trailblazer, aptly giving him the name "renaissance man"

The Last Supper

Leonardo Da-Significance

DaVinci proved that even in a time of Great Depression, glory can be found and even created. His works give insight into the true culture of the renaissance unlike any other. He is comparable to the Einstein of our time except significantly more advanced in his culture.


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